I joined up after Christmas along with my wife. The course and experts were very helpful and encouraging. The food plans were easy to follow, included foods that one would buy regularly and meals that were easy to prepare with a bit of time and preparation. I was delighted to join system 10 and have a focus and clear weight loss goals.
The food plans and especially being a part of the group along with the guidance of the course facilitators kept me motivated. The course facilitators helped to keep me on track with an inspiring quote or encouraging comment. I was thrilled with my weight loss. I lost almost a stone on the 25-day course. The most important thing I have learnt that it’s about mindset. Mind over matter. It’s about a lifestyle change. And you can still enjoy a treat or a day off course or change weekend routine but following the plan as a general guide helps to keep one on target.I would recommend System 10. Very worthwhile and makes weight loss achievable in a healthy way.

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