I started System10 on March . My weight was 14st8lbs, my body fat 43.5%. I had previously tried every diet plan going without success. After 1 month I had lost 1stone. At the end of the 12 weeks I weighed 12st6lbs, a loss of 30lbs, I did a second term. Now on the 10th Oct I weigh a slender 10st10lbs. A total loss of 3st12lbs. My clothes where a size 20, now a size 12. Have taken up aerobics, running And have never felt fitter and full of energy. For me System10 has transformed my life completely and allowed me to do things I never thought possible. To be able to eat plenty 5 times a day & still lose weight. The one to one contact with my facilitator, with her constant motivation has also been amazing. I would heartfully recommend System10 to anyone.

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