I started System10 in June at 14st 9lbs and 32.9% body fat. After 4 weeks I had lost 1 stone. Now on the 11th Oct my weight is a lean 11st13lbs, a loss of 2st10lbs. I have also reduced my body fat by 9.3% to 23.6%. I have taken 4 inches off my waist and instead of 17.5 inch collar I am now a comfortable 16 inches. I am full of energy and in great health. I have had the pleasure of buying a new wardrobe of clothes which now fit me properly. I am amazed at how effective the plan is, i.e.; you lose weight by eating regularly and I am never hungry which was always my problem with previous diets. I am happy now with my weight and am confident I will not put weight on going forward as I understand about how you lose weight now.

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