Why We Are Different!

A complete plan of food, exercise and motivation for

all ages & fitness levels!

Lose up to 14 lbs (6.4kgs) in 5 weeks!
Get a 28 to 35 lbs (12.7 to 15.9kgs) transformation in 10 weeks!

System 10 is very different to other weight loss plans. System 10 is about amazing weight loss done the right way. We focus on real fat burning! Real fat burning is the weight loss miracle! We do this by fixing your metabolism (mostly hormone imbalances). Unique – we calculate the food and nutrition to fit with the exercise and each individual. Fixing your metabolism and burning real fat will give you your best weight loss ever!



System 10 Best Benefits

1. Gives clear structures and specifics for food and exercise! Works for busy lives!
2. Burning real fat very dramatically changes your shape!
3. Burning real fat is the only way to get at stubborn stomach fat, especially lower stomach fat!
4. Burning real fat is the only way to change stubborn hip and thigh fat and cellulite!
5. Fixing your metabolism means weight stays off after!
6. Fixing your metabolism is the real answer to building energy, improving sleep, improving
bowel function and great hair, nails and skin - all connected to metabolism problems!
7. Fixing your metabolism helps conquer sugar cravings!
8. Fixing your metabolism dramatically helps with PCOS weight loss, slow thyroid weight loss, menopausal and post pregnancy weight loss and other weight loss problems!
9. Ladies - fixing your metabolism is the answer to keeping your curves when losing weight!
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System 10 Key Features

The only plan that calculates the food to fit the exercise and each individual size!

You get structured 7 day food plans with plenty of normal every day foods!

Our food plans tell you exactly what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

You get treat calories every day and can have a weekly alcohol allowance


We teach you the right exercise the right way!

Typically 5 short sessions per week - 3 cardio and 2 toning of about 30 minutes each!

We give very specific individual guidelines e.g. walk 2 miles in 30 minutes or 2.5 miles in 30 minutes!

Motivation & Support

• Private weekly one to one high motivation weigh-ins with your System 10 centre!

• You will get amazing ideas and tips!

  • The golden secrets of motivation!

  • How to conquer cravings!

  • How to deal with emotional eating!

• You get great support and a clear action plan if results are slow

System 10 is the future of weight loss. We are dedicated to bringing you the best science in weight loss. We make weight loss as easy as it can be but at the same time get amazing results! Fixing your metabolism and burning real fat will give you your best weight loss ever! If there was a better way to lose weight, we would tell you!


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Created by David McDonagh

David is a certified nutritionist, phlebotomist, fitness coach, personal trainer and trainer of trainers! He has specialised in weight loss and intensive toning for the last 20 years! He has written for magazines like R.S.V.P. and Womans Way and has regularly been featured on radio and TV. He won National Entrepreneur of the Year for his work in health and fitness! The System 10 plan includes his best work and methods for weight loss success.

To ask David a question david@system10.ie086-8786042
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