Could be one of the most important checks you ever do!

MetCheck is our unique metabolism and hormone analysis that can greatly help you with weight loss OR health problems. The information can be used to create a better weight loss or health plan for you or as a guide to further testing. It helps identify metabolism and hormone imbalances that are not picked up on by blood tests or often not covered by regular blood testing.

MetCheck is a holistic view on hormone balance, meaning it looks at the balance between different hormone systems in the body! It takes into accounts individual differences, meaning the same hormone levels in different people can create very different effects. It gets to the root cause of problems can give you information you will not get anywhere else, often coming up with new solutions for you! It can help reduce the risk of devastating health problems in the future!

MetCheck is a very specialized questionnaire based on years of study and research and working with people to solve problems. In summary MetCheck...
  • Can help identify metabolism problems not identified by other methods.
  • Identifies hormone problems not identified by other methods.
  • Is critical for identifying factors limiting your weight loss success
  • Pinpoints some critical blood/hormone tests you might need.
  • Gets to the root cause of many unexplained health problems.
  • Offers unique solutions for many health problems not responding well to traditional treatments
  • Helps identify the 2 or 3 most important nutritional supplements for your body
  • Takes into account individual body differences and requirements.
  • Is critical for everyone over 40 (especially females) for a detailed wellness analysis.
  • Gives you the benefits of David’s unique 20 year research into metabolism and hormones!
Your hormones can be out of balance even if your blood tests are normal!!

Signs and symptoms analysis is a very valuable diagnostics tool and MetCheck takes this to a whole new level of accuracy. MetCheck is amazing for all weight loss problems including extreme overweight, slow thyroid weight, post pregnancy weight, menopausal weight problems, cellulite problems and excessive weight on the chest, hips and thighs!

MetCheck can help with all health problems including chronic fatigue, burnout, fibromyalgia, fertility issues, chronic PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, osteoporosis, irritable bowel, chronic constipation, insomnia, psoriasis, eczema and other chronic skin disorders,  high blood pressure and unresponsive high cholesterol, low blood pressure, health safety in the menopause, unexplained skin conditions and alopecia.

Sometimes fundamental faults in the metabolism are overlooked or not tested properly and correcting these faults is the only solution to help!!
10 critical things to know…….
  • Estrogen dominance is often the cause of worsening migraines and rarely diagnosed from blood tests!
  • Your blood tests can be very normal but you can still have a serious thyroid problem!
  • Testosterone is rarely measured in women and low levels kill energy and cause stubborn fat!
  • Progesterone is the most important hormone for reducing your risk of breast cancer and most women in their 40’s have too little?
  • Enough progesterone is crucial for helping prevent osteoporosis!
  • Excess estrogen is a key factor in man boobs and prostate enlargement!
  • Adrenal gland fatigue (on top of your kidneys) is a key factor in thyroids problems and the connection is rarely made?
  • Most regular blood tests will tell you very little about your hormone balance!
  • You can pass all your blood tests and still have big hormone problems!
  • Current acceptable blood test standards are too low for wellness and vitality
  • You can be up to 70% out of order before it will show in a blood test.
The MetCheck package:
  • You start with our unique MetCheck questionnaire!
  • After analysis you get a Metabolism score and report identifying your key metabolism and hormone areas that need more diagnosis or attention.
  • Based on this analysis and separately by direct email to you David will…..
    o List critical blood tests you should consider arranging with your doctor.
    o List the best lifestyle changes to help your key metabolism and hormone areas.
    o Identify the best nutritional supplements to help improve your metabolism and hormone balance.
MetCheck is a supplement to other health analysis tools! MetCheck does not replace medical diagnosis and testing. MetCheck does not replace blood testing. While MetCheck often provides wonderful and unique information it has diagnostic limitations. Passing your MetCheck does not mean you are clear of all hormone imbalances or health problems. If you have a health problem or are concerned about your health, you should always consult your G.P.


To find out more or book a MetCheck, contact David or 086-8786042

The Science Behind MetCheck

This is a non invasive basic analysis or initial screening to point people in the right direction and to go for further testing if required. The metabolic areas we look at are primarily well known hormone imbalances.

Signs and symptoms analysis is a well recognised professional diagnostic tool that is used every day by doctors, dieticians or pharmacists. These professionals normally only use more precise diagnostic tools if diagnosis is unclear, the condition deteriorates or if the client does not respond adequately to treatment.

Signs and symptoms analysis has some great advantages in that it allows for the huge range of individual differences out there, helps identify problems before they would be picked up by blood testing (which is often too late) and also helps identify problems for which currently there are no clear blood testing diagnostic methods

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