Thank you Graham and System 10 for all your help and support over the past 5 weeks . I have managed to lose 18 lbs in 5 weeks . My energy levels have increased and I feel more motivated to continue on my weight loss journey . Graham was very helpful and responded to all queries very promptly . It is easy to follow and I like the fact that I had to attend for the weekly weigh in.

Caitriona in Tipperary 11/2023

Thank you System 10 for the wonderful support you gave me over the past 5 weeks on the plan. In that time Zivile went through everything in detail, looked at my supplements/ vitamins and changed things up for me. Another thing she said was, I want to fix you, which is not something many people say unless they are prescribing antidepressants. From food to vitamins and exercise it is really a great plan, I lost 10lbs in the 5 weeks. I feel great and I would definitely recommend this plan, best part is all food is allowed.

S.M. Cork 10/2023

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    What our clients say

    *Where weight loss is mentioned, figures are indications of possible weight loss. Results are subject to physical, mental and motivational factors.

    A very heartfelt thank you to System10 for the structure, encouragement, motivation and support while on your plan. In my first 5 weeks, I have lost an amazing 1 stone 4 lbs. I feel so good, look so well and have regained my confidence. The food plans are just so good, so structured and still room for a little treat now and then! Great encouragement and motivation from the weekly 1:1 weigh-ins! Thanks so much.

    M from Tipperary 04/2023

    Thanks once again System 10 for doing as promised with helping me loose 10 lb on the 25 day plan. It has given me the ability to up my gym workout as my energy levels are definitely better. The food plan is so easy to follow & being accountable with weigh in's 2 times a week is what I found kept me right on track. This has not been my first time with System 10 & it has never failed to work.

    Mary from Limerick 03/2023

    System 10 provides incredible motivation and support on their plan. I lost 13 lbs and 1 size in 5 weeks. I am forever grateful for the practical tips on sustainable weight loss solutions. Best of all my energy and sleep have improved greatly. The structured food plans are the best thing ever!

    G.K. from Wicklow 02/2023

    The System 10 plan is a supportive and encouraging way to lose weight. I lost 12lbs in 5 weeks and feel great. Having the food plans to work with along with very achievable exercise goals make it easy for everyone to follow. Looking forward to the next five weeks

    Áine from Carlow 02/2023

    I'm very grateful for System 10. It cuts out all the nonsense of weight loss. It's scientific..follow the plan and you will loose weight.

    GH, Clare 02/2023

    Thanks so much David and system 10 for everything. Feeling and looking much better. 9.4kg in 5 weeks. And still going.

    Aidan Co.Meath 02/2023

    I did the 5 week online weight loss plan. I am delighted with my results, would highly recommend this program because it works! Firstly... Having a food plan really suits me, even though there are plenty of substitutions if you want, I do better if I just stick to the plan.... All natural food nó processed foods. The exercise program meets you where you are at.... Gradual buildup suits me as I am complete beginner. Weigh in twice weekly is great idea stops you from having "just one bad day" you don't have time to undo it!!! The personalised support, knowledge, and encouragement from David is absolutely great, he couldn't have been more helpful. Lastly, I'm not good with tech but can manage what's app so it was easy!! Highly recommend system 10, do it, you won't regret it!!

    PS Co.Kerry 02/2023

    Many thanks to David from system 10 who gave me the tools & encouragement I needed to lose the last kgs to get my body back to pre baby weight. I had tried lots of things but this plan worked really well for me as it was achievable and I wasn’t hungry on it. The knowledge you gain you can then continue it on to maintain weight loss which for me is so important after finishing any weight loss programme.

    S.F from Sligo 02/2023

    Thank you System 10 for the amazing motivation and support on your plan. I lost 13lbs and 1 dress size in 5 weeks. My energy levels are up, my sleep has improved. My family and friends noticed my body change by week 3 and tell me how good I look. The structured food plans are easy to follow and easy food

    Monica from Ratoath, co Meath 02/2023

    System 10 has changed me. I have lost 22 lbs since Sept. I am learning how to loose weight consistently, how metabolism effects weight loss and that weight loss is a marathon not a sprint.With David's help I believe I will reach my goal.

    F, Offaly 02/2023

    System 10 has been brilliant! I've lost over 11lbs and inches off my waist. My resting heart rate is down significantly so my fitness has improved as well as my sleep. The meal plans have been easy to follow as have the exercise plans, I feel great and have so much more energy - thank you System 10!

    Rachael from the UK, 02/2023

    Dear System10. Appreciate the support and positive vibes while I was on my 5 week weight loss journey. I've always kept my mantra" it's a marathon,not a race" in my head while doing this and not only have I lost 4kg, I've gained energy, knowledge about changes in lifestyle and fixing old habits. Thank you David and team.

    Martina, Galway 02/2023
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