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Here are very common metabolism factors that slow your weight loss efforts. If they’re not improved upon at the same time as following a proven healthy lifestyle regime your weight loss results will probably be frustrating, minimal or non-existent.

Please carefully read each factor and take note of any signs or symptoms that might be affecting you. My purpose for writing this article is to show you through my years of experience in this field that REAL healthy weight loss especially as we age is about looking after your whole system and for the majority of us it’s not as simple as eating a bit less & exercising a bit more. There’s a lot going on inside our complex bodies and having a strong Metabolism means you’ll burn more fat every hour 24 hours a day. Not only will a strong Metabolism mean your weight loss will improve and be consistent but you’ll have enormous energy, better sleep, improved mood and much more.

OK so let’s see which 10 hormones, glands, systems and deficiencies slow your weight loss…..

  1. Insulin resistance. Blood sugar levels and insulin function are the backbone of your body’s ability to burn fat. Through wear and tear and stress in many people this function has declined hugely, hence the number of people with high blood sugar and the hugely escalating number of cases of type 2 diabetes. There are huge numbers of people who have undiagnosed blood sugar problems. Better blood sugar control and insulin function should be a key part of a healthy weight loss regime.
  2. Liver function. This main detoxification organ of the body has a huge impact on weight loss not just because it detoxes but because of its manufacturing and storage of hormones and nutrients. Yet this is one of the most beaten up organs of the body. It gets hammered by medicines, alcohol, smoking, other environmental toxins and processed foods to name a few. Refreshing your liver is key to much better weight loss.
  3. Digestive function. When digestion goes wrong everything else can go wrong. All other functions begin with good digestion. If you suffer from IBS, IBD, diverticulitis and Crohn’s these massively affect weight loss. Constipation is one of the most serious metabolism disorders of all. One simple tip for improved digestion is drinking plenty of water daily in between meals mainly because If you drink more than 200mls of liquids with your meals you’re diluting your stomach acid thus slowing digestion which can clog you up and make your whole system sluggish.
  4. Thyroid function. Located in your neck, your thyroid is well known as your master metabolism gland. The number of people who have reduced thyroid function is huge. Most people who are told they have ‘normal’ thyroid function, simply don’t. The scales of normality need to be revised. Even those on medications like eltroxin will still have hugely reduced thyroid function and are far from fixed. There are a vast number of people for whom a little thyroid TLC will greatly improve their lives.
  5. Adrenal function. These tiny glands located on your kidneys play a vast role in weight loss success mainly through their role in blood sugar control, appetite control, hormone production and how they support the thyroid. Like the liver these are some of the most beaten up glands in your body because they deal with all your stresses – home stress, work stress, worry, illness and exercise etc. – absolutely all your stresses. Rebuilding your adrenals can transform your weight loss and life.
  6. Estrogen dominance. This is a serious metabolism problem of most concern to females where your ratio of estrogen to progesterone is too high. It makes weight loss very difficult. It can be caused by high estrogen or too little progesterone. Often too little progesterone is at the root cause. Even young women can have a regular monthly cycle but not ovulate, leaving them with little or no progesterone. Key signs are worsening PMS, heavier and longer periods, fibroids and difficulty getting pregnant. Estrogen dominance in men is a key factor in man boobs and prostate problems!
  7. Low testosterone. The right levels of this hormone are crucial in men and women for a good metabolism. A woman has about 10% of the testosterone of a man, so it is much easier for a woman to suffer from low testosterone, although a man can too. Depression, low energy, low sex drive, poor toning and slow weight loss can results. Too high testosterone can be common too in women especially as part of PCOS and this unbalances the metabolism in other ways.
  8. Low growth hormone. Known as the function of youth this hormone is another master metabolism hormone and declines rapidly from your 30’s on wards. Poor sleep and poor liver function can contribute to low levels too. Intense exercise especially intense toning can help restore levels of this hormone and good food balance and nutrition levels can really help boost its production.
  9. Chronic nutrient deficiencies. Lots of food and very little nutrition! Deficiencies in key nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, vitamin D and the like are much more common than people realise and are responsible for poor metabolism function. Nutrients work in teams so a deficiency in even one has a huge impact. What has been discovered also is that exercise and stress gobble up much more nutrients than previously thought and also that there are huge individual differences in basic requirements with some people requiring multiples of nutrients compared with others the same size and weight.
  10. Low muscle density. Too many of us suffer from low muscle density. Muscle density makes for a higher metabolism. Large numbers of us through crash dieting, poor nutrition, illness or low levels of exercise have very low muscle density and so very slow metabolic rates. This doesn’t mean being big and bulky, it simply means having a decent level of firm toned muscle. Outside of weight loss, having low muscle density means you will get ill and old very fast. Just 10 minutes of proper toning three times per week can make a massive difference to your muscle density.

As always I hope you get something useful from this article, please share it with others. Someone making one simple change can lead to big improvements. If you have any questions on anything above please email me at and I will reply.

Thank you,

David Mc Donagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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