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Would you like to avoid that bloated toxic feeling this Christmas?

Would you like to avoid the 7 lbs of weight gain experienced by most people?

Do you want to avoid the excessive eating and drinking that makes you feel miserable?

Have you tried to be good previous years but failed despite your best efforts?

Well you can experience a super enjoyable but healthier Christmas this year by following my key steps below. It’s about making some concrete changes to how you think and having a prepared strategy……



Go into Christmas with the attitude of success. Be clear in your mind that you want to change. Be on your guard for distractions. Know that you can have the best of both Worlds and enjoy yourself, but still make healthy choices.



Build your desire to stay good by visualising how you want to look and feel throughout Christmas. Identify all the benefits it will bring you. The more you want something the easier it is to stay good. Recall how you have felt in the past when you have overdone things.



Be aware that most temptations pass very quickly. Test it and see! Most temptations will pass in a few minutes. Have a pre-planned distraction ready that will further take your mind off temptations. When it passes and you have resisted the urge to give in, you will become more empowered and be even stronger the next time round.



Don’t let a relapse become a collapse. Even the most dedicated people fall off track. The winners in life keeping getting back up and re-focussing time and time again! Help yourself refocus quickly by starting the morning with a positive action e.g. drink water, go for a walk or have a healthy breakfast. Positivity leads to more positivity!



Instead of coming up with reasons for not changing come up with reasons for doing positive things! We are all great at coming up with reasons ‘why not’, but the winners focus on reasons ‘why’!  



Think more about what you eat and drink. Focus on the flavour and the taste. Slow everything down. Look at portion sizes and amounts. Ask yourself if you really need that much. Don’t just eat and drink for the sake of it. Don’t be influenced by others. Stay within your own limits.



A short powerful focused slogan is one of the best tools for helping you stay on track. When you repeat it to yourself it can inspire, motivate and keep you on track. Use a slogan like CHANGE TO WIN or RESULTS OR EXCUSES to help stay focused.

If you have any questions about anything above please email me at david@system10.ie and I will reply.

Thanks for reading,

David McDonagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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