Do as you always have done and you will get what you always get! 

If you have not been as successful with your weight loss or fitness goals of late or in the past try working on these 8 key factors to change things for better success this time.

The more of these factors you do the better your chances for success! I have discovered through working with thousands of people that those who succeed at weight loss and get the job done work on almost all of the factors on this list.



  1. TARGETS – Have crystal clear personal targets for the end of each month on what weight you would like to be, what size clothes you would like to fit and how many miles you would like to do be able to do in an hour! If you don’t know where you are going then how do you expect to get there!
  2. ANCHOR – You must anchor your exercise sessions. Plan exactly what days and times you will exercise so that other things in life don’t interfere. You especially don’t want to let your feelings dictate when you will exercise. Let nothing interfere with your exercise sessions.
  3. CHUNK – Break your weight loss into different phases through the week e.g. planning to give intense focus and lose 1.5 lbs between Monday and Thursday and then be a little less strict but still lose another 1 lbs between Thursday and Monday.
  4. CRITICAL MOMENTS – This is a massive factor! There are always certain things/events/people that seem to sabotage your week time and time again. We call these critical moments. You need to know your critical moments and be prepared for them. You need to take concrete steps to stop this from happening. Identify the 3 biggest things that take you off track and put something in place to stop it!
  5. BURN BRIDGES – Nearly always if you keep going off track it is because you do not want the weight loss bad enough. You might think you do, but hard as it is to hear it, you simply don’t! Therefore you need to make sure you want it more by making it very difficult and painful for you if you do not succeed. You need to do as many things as you can that lock you into success e.g. telling people about your goals, giving away large clothes, investing in smaller clothes, planning to complete a local 10km, getting sponsorship for every pound you lose for a charity!
  6. MINDFULNESS – This is another massive factor! Very simply you need to pay more attention to what you are eating and drinking! When you are going off track you need to interrupt yourself and challenge the need to do it and think carefully about the consequences. You need to find rewards just as pleasing to you but from non food and drink items!
  7. PAYBACK – The bottom line is that if you have gone off track you need to put a calorie value on the damage and then be prepared to do the payback in cardio! Every 100 calories = 1 mile! Going off track is one thing but not paying back clearly indicates that you do not want weight loss bad enough, so you need to go back and build your desire more.
  8. SELF TALK – This is probably the biggest factor of all! Highly connected to MINDFULNESS, you need to listen to what you are saying to yourself more. You need to be aware when you are in excuses’ and not ‘results’ mode! People who succeed, talk themselves into succeeding, they pep talk themselves and focus on reasons why rather than reasons why not! Those who drift tend to negative talk themselves and exaggerate problems and feelings and barriers.

Work on these factors constantly for better success!

If you have any questions about anything above please email me at and I will reply.

Thanks for reading,

David McDonagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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