System 10 brings obesity treatment to a completely new success level! We ensure powerful ongoing results, amazing changes in shape and great weight loss maintenance (3 of the biggest problems with obesity treatments today) with critical factors that are missing from other treatments. These include combining the 3 keys of diet, exercise and metabolism correction, precision calorie deficit management and motivation and mental success training.

Critical factor 1 – combining the 3 keys – diet, exercise and metabolism correction. This is unique in weight loss. The 3 keys together give you a much more realistic and powerful weight loss plan. There is no need for extremes with dieting or exercise. You can eat more and lose more! You avoid hunger and cravings. If you diet only to lose weight the margin for error is tiny. If you diet without exercise you end up a saggy weight loss mess. The full value of exercise (physical and mental) especially toning is not given enough respect in obesity treatments.

Critical Factor 2 – metabolism correction. This again is not given enough attention in obesity treatments and is a huge factor. Your metabolism is the master controller of your weight loss. It controls the benefits of your diet and exercise. Nearly everyone has metabolic faults (e.g. crashed basal metabolic rate, sluggish thyroid, adrenal fatigue, elevated blood sugars, constipation, PCOS, Endometriosis etc) that limits their weight loss. No amount of dieting and exercise will compensate for a faulty metabolism. Fixing your metabolism which is an essential part of our plan gets you burning more fat every hour 24 hours a day and is critical to ongoing weight loss results and weight loss maintenance.

Critical factor 3 – precision calorie deficit management. This precision is again critically missing from treatments today. Calories burned by a combination of your metabolism, activity level and exercise must exceed calories consumed for any weight loss to occur. This balance point varies for every individual and changes as progress is made. It is only with a precise progressive balancing of food and exercise can steady weight loss be achieved week after week and prevent the declining results and ‘sticking’ that happen in most treatments. Another critical precision point is nutrition. Most people have nutritional deficiencies and these normally become greater in weight loss where you are reducing food but at the same time increasing physical demands. A deficiency in even one vital nutrient can severely limit your weight loss and devastate your energy, mood and health.

Critical factor 4 – motivation and mental success training. We provide you with the mental skills to stick with the plan, overcome weight loss ups and downs and to change your attitude to weight control. We teach you how to get and stay motivated and how to deal with emotional eating and body image problems. We give people a true understanding of exactly how weight loss works. A lot of people trying to lose weight don’t really understand what is going on or what they are trying to achieve. When you understand you become more motivated and you also have the tools to make decisions to help your own success. These factors contribute greatly to ongoing weight loss results and long term maintenance too.

Critical factor 5 – step by step plans. Our food plans tell you exactly what to eat for each meal or snack with a choice built in. They change every 7 days. Our exercise plans tell you exactly how much exercise to do and when to do it and how best to do it for weight loss. This step by step presentation gives people the structure and discipline they need to succeed at weight loss. People have enough stress in their lives to have to work all this out for themselves. They need an exact road map to success and we provide exactly that.

Close – These key factors and many other parts of System 10 make it most the most complete obesity plan available today.

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