what you need to knowBy far the biggest mistake in weight loss is the idea that just cutting calories and adding lots of exercise is the answer. This immediately sets most people on the path to failure. A proper understanding of how weight loss works leads to incredible motivation and results! After all, how can you fix something if you don’t know how it works? If you understand weight loss, it is much easier to be successful.

Based on the best weight loss science, an accurate definition of weight loss would be: ‘Creating the environment in your body to maximise the burning of fat!’ Now think carefully about that for a minute. Read it again and again because it has huge implications for what you do to lose weight and how successful you will be. It could be the answer to all your weight loss problems.

Getting into the detail of this definition will tell you that there is far more to weight loss then just cutting calories and adding lots of exercise. Indeed for many people this is the worst thing they can do and completely shuts off their weight loss. The real secret is to do the things that turn fat burning on and avoid the things that turn it off. Calories and exercise are important but are only part of the picture. It does not matter how good you are with diet and exercise if you do other simple things that turn fat burning off!!

This proper explanation of weight loss opens a whole lot more doors for you to weight loss success. Even better, it means that you can get amazing results with far less stress. You can really change the fat areas you really want to change. You can enjoy life while you lose weight. Best of all you can avoid the things that keep destroying your results time and time again. This proper definition of weight loss helps you understand why……

  1. Under-eating dramatically slows weight loss!
  2. Stress can greatly limit weight loss!
  3. Many medications can really limit weight loss (despite what you are told!!)
  4. A little caffeine can help weight loss but too much can shut it down!
  5. Excess alcohol can kill your weight loss for the whole week!
  6. Too much sugar early in the day can shut down weight loss for the whole day!
  7. Over-exercising very quickly shuts down weight loss for days!
  8. Poor sleep dramatically limits weight loss!
  9. Constipation really limits weight loss results!
  10. A poor weekend can easily undo your 5 days of hard work!

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Thanks for reading,

David McDonagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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