For most people, the main cause of bad breath is a faulty digestive system and not poor dental hygiene. Badly digested food literally ‘rots’ in your intestine and releases foul smelling gases back up through your digestive system which you then exhale. A great place to start to correct this is to chew your food more slowly and avoid over eating at meals. Remember a woman should never eat/drink more than 400 calories at any one meal or snack and a man never more than 500 calories.

Another critical aid to correcting this problem is a strong probiotic (friendly bacteria) supplement. Make sure to get the equivalent of 18 to 24 billion bacteria daily in this form for about 3 months and then cut back to the equivalent of 12 billion daily. Many of our agents stock a probiotic supplement especially suited to these requirements, so please contact us to set you on the right track.

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