10262034_772460912798884_8384769615437785614_nOur Facebook Friends have been asking us some very good questions….
System10 creator David McDonagh, answers these Questions…

So… you have a problem, you want to lose weight… but you have another problem, you just can’t find the time to exercise?

I’m afraid not finding the time for losing weight, comes down to one thing – motivation!! If someone gave you €100,000 to lose 1 stone, would you find the time? Most probably! All of a sudden you would find the time. Think about it, if you want something bad enough, you would make the time, right? So motivation is the real issue here. The real answer is that you need to find ways to dramatically increase your motivation for weight loss.

The best way I can help people who put up barriers or excuses for not losing weight, is to make them realise that the real issue is nearly always motivation. On the surface reasons like cannot find the time, cannot find the money, cannot face dieting etc seem like the real problem but they are not. All these excuses would disappear if your motivation was high enough. If weight loss was an immediate life or death issue for you i.e. you would die in one month if you didn’t lose weight, do you think you would find the time? You bet you would! If someone promised you €100,000 if you lose 1 stone, would you find the time? You bet you would! What is the difference – motivation plain and simple!


The two examples above increase your motivation level so much that nothing would stand in your way. All the excuses you have been using all along would disappear. So the solution to the problem is to find ways to dramatically increase your motivation for losing weight. You need to find ways to make it a top priority in your life. It needs to become your main focus. You need to desperately want it. Now how do you achieve that? Well there are some clever ways but that’s for a separate article! So stay tuned!

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