There are a number of star supplements and then there are a few super-stars. Beta Glucan is one of these super-stars. At System10 we are only interesting in telling you about supplements with good clinical studies and the potential to greatly improve your life and that of others. I call these our superstars. Taking Beta Glucan is arguably the best thing you could do for total health protection bar none.

Like we have said before, good supplementation is about selecting the right things for the right person and it is about using the correct dosage and not over-using. So read on to see if you should consider using or recommending Beta Glucan.

Beta Glucan is found in oats, barley, mushrooms and yeasts. However it is not readily useable in this unpurified natural state and must be extracted and purified to make it useable.  Until recently it had been extremely difficult to extract and purify it.  It has been studied for more than 20 years. For beneficial effects in needs to be used in dosages of 200 to 400mg daily. There is however a specific type of Beta Glucan called 1,3-D-beta glucan that is required to get the beneficial effects.

Immune Enhancing Effect

The most important thing about Beta Glucan is its ability to improve your immunity.  In fact it is the most powerful immune enhancer known to science with no exceptions. It works by activating and strengthening ‘macrophages’ which are large white blood cells that devour bacteria, foreign cells, dead and dying cells, mutated cells and other invaders of our bloodstream.

It is these immune enhancing effects that means it can be beneficial against a whole range of serious illnesses and disease. This is what makes it such an amazing supplement. It can literally help protect against any condition and benefit any condition.

Beta Glucan has even been shown to be safe in even very large doses, although this is not necessary or ever advised with any supplement.

Beta Glucan has been specifically shown to have great benefits in the following areas:

  • Fighting Cancer
  • Lowering Cholestrol and Triglycerides
  • Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Fighting Cancer

There are a number of studies that have shown Beta Glucan helps fight a range of cancers. Benign and malignant tumours in studies on rats and mice have been effectively reduced and in some cases destroyed. I can tell you, so good were the studies that with cancer so rampant, you would be crazy not to include this in your daily routine to help protect yourself. Remember, currently nearly 1 in 4 people get cancer and within 20 years it is predicted that 1 in 3 will get cancer. In 1999 the University of Kentucky suggested using Beta Glucan for cancer therapy for humans. Joseph Fourier University in France showed that solid tumours in mice were stopped growing in almost 100% of cases after Beta Glucan supplementation and the University of Regensburg in Germany showed tumours were reduced in weight by between 72 and 99% after only 30 days of supplementation.

Lowering Cholestrol and Triglycerides

There are many studies that have shown significant improvements in total cholesterol and triglyceride level when using Beta Glucan. At the Human Nutrition Centre in the U.S. in 1997, it was shown that total cholesterol and bad low density cholesterols were significantly decreased in men and women after only 5 weeks supplementation. Harvard Medical School found in 1999 that Beta Glucan lowered serum cholesterol in humans without any change in diet or exercise.

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Beta Glucan supplementation has showed incredible benefits on blood sugar levels and insulin function, so diabetics take note. Here are two examples. In 1992 at Ehime University in Japan doctors studied rats with diabetes and insulinitis. After supplementation with Beta Glucan diabetes rate was lowered from 43.3% to only 6.7%. The insulinitis rate was lowered from 82.4% to only 26.3%.  In 1994 at the Centre for Food and Animal Research in Canada a review was done with 39 full references on the ability of Beta Glucan to moderate after meal blood glucose and insulin response in humans.


Important note

If you have a medical condition and decide to use Beta Glucan, please inform your doctor first. Beta Glucan is very effective and there may be a need to review your level of medication as a result.

Correct Use

Beta Glucan needs to be taken consistently every day and is best taken on an empty stomach i.e. 2 hours after eating or 1 hour before eating.

Many people are concerned about how best to protect themselves against the danger of heart disease, cancers and other deadly diseases. Everything seems to be a risk these days – mobile phones, microwaves, other radiation air toxins, chemicals in water, toxins from deodorants and toxins in foods to mention just a few. It is nearly impossible to avoid exposure to some form of danger, therefore strengthening your own immunity is about the best ‘cover all’ approach you can find to protection. Beta Glucan is an outstanding supplement and should be part of most peoples daily supplement routine.

This article on Beta Glucan is not intended as medical advice. It is solely written to educate and inform. Because there is always some risk involved the author is not responsible for any adverse affects or consequences resulting from the use of any ideas contained above.

As always I hope you get something useful from this article and please share it with others. Someone making one simple change can lead to big improvements. If you have any questions on the above conditions or another condition please email me at and I will reply.

Thank you

David McDonagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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