(Food choice can actually make you more intelligent!)

Organic Eggs are one of the best sources of phospholipids, especially the egg yolk. It is a total myth that eggs are bad for you and raise cholesterol. Studies have shown that this is clearly not the case even when people eat 2 eggs a day 7 days a week! An egg is only as good as the food the hen was raised on so make sure that you choose organic eggs only. Eggs are also a top source of all essential amino acids and have plenty of vitamin B12 to further strengthen their case for being a top brain food.

Liver is another top source of phospholipids. It is also loaded with iron which helps oxygenate the brain. Brain activity alone accounts for about 20% of our oxygen requirements. Liver is loaded with B vitamins too. The combination of these elements make liver a great brain food. As with all meats, especially organ meats, liver is only as healthy as the animal it came from, so please choose organic liver only.

Turkey makes my list of super brain foods because it is a virtually fat free source of all the essential amino acids. It is a great source in particular of the amino acid L- tryptophan which has a huge role in brain mood and also L-glutamine which is an amino acid from which all other amino acids can be built. L-glutamine is therefore considered a great balancer of neurotransmitter activity in the brain. Remember all neurotransmitters are made from amino acids and these are the form all messages take in the brain. Tuna is a great alternative to turkey with very similar properties that are beneficial for the brain.

Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, black berries, blackcurrants are a real powerhouse for Vitamin C which is another major supporting nutrient for brain function and a major antioxidant which greatly helps combat free radical destruction of brain tissue. Free radical destruction is considered the most devastating from of damage to the brain and is something that occurs from a very early age. Take blackcurrants for example, they have twice as much vitamin C as the Kiwi and 3 times as much as an Orange. Berries have many other types of beneficial antioxidants too making them a superb defensive weapon against brain deterioration and a super brain food.

Quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wa’) is the only grain that on its own is an excellent source of ‘complete’ protein providing all the essential amino acids needed for the brain. It is also low GI meaning it is great for stable blood sugar levels and brain fuelling. It is a non wheat grain which provides the body with a much needed rest from the wheat based food overload that is part of modern life. It is very high in fibre and is a rich source of B vitamins especially B1, B5 and B 12. This all adds up to it being a brain super food.

Avocado contains mono-unsaturated fats which are great for blood flow to the brain. It is high in fibre for stable blood sugar levels. It is great for potassium, magnesium and other essentials brain minerals. It has plenty of B vitamins and as an added bonus is loaded with vitamin E another amazing anti-oxidant (brain tissue protector). Overall avocado has nearly 20 key nutrients and so is an amazing brain super food.

So now try to include some of these foods in your daily diet. I can assure you these are some of the absolute best brain foods and their nutrients have been clearly shown in research to make a difference to concentration, memory, speed of processing and intelligence! They really will make a difference but because it takes a few weeks to build new structures, wait at least 6 weeks before judging the results. It will be worth the wait!

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