It’s time to change your view on weight loss and become more aware of the things that might be sabotaging your success time and time again! Based on my experience of turning weight loss battlers into weight loss winners, here are the worst weight loss mistakes you must fix……..

Under-Eating: The minute you go too low in food your body will slow down your metabolic rate and hold your fat. Never eat less than 9 calories per pound of your ideal weight when trying to lose weight e.g. if your ideal weight is 10 stone then never eat less than 140 x 9 = 1260 calories daily or if your  ideal weight is 11 stone then never eat less than 154 x 9 = 1386 calories.


Long Food Gaps: Once you go more than 4 hours without food you body will slow your metabolism to stabilise blood sugar levels. So you could be working very hard on your diet and exercise but countering most of the good work with long gaps between meals and snacks. Make sure to eat small and often to avoid this big mistake.

Incorrect Expectations: People expect results too fast and when it does not happen it really de-motivates. Mathematically and scientifically the best you can lose per week is 2.5 to 3 lbs of real FAT weight. To lose more than this would require a very difficult diet and exercise plan that would not be sustainable. A loss in excess of 3 lbs is nearly always water or false weight loss. Get your expectations right to avoid sabotaging your motivation.

Excessive Alcohol: All alcohol especially wine is devastating for your metabolism and weight loss. It’s not just about the calories but more about the effect on digestion, liver function and hormone balance. It’s crucial when losing weight to keep alcohol very tight.

Unconscious Eating: This is the most sneaky and deceptive weight loss problem of all because you may not even realise you do it. We are so hurried and stressed that you can actually eat things and completely forget about them. You need to be super focussed to see if you have this problem.

Hidden Calories: Be especially careful when eating out or when someone else is cooking for you! Hidden sauces, dressings and sugars make the calories mount up e.g. added butter can easily turn a 100 calorie portion of vegetables into 250 calories or a 200 calorie portion of fish into 400 calories.

Over Exercising: Too much cardio is as bad as crash dieting. Exercise uses a lot of nutrition and too much can quickly deplete nutrients and stop weight loss. You exercise must be carefully balanced with your food plan. Exercising 4 times a week is more than enough for great weight loss.

Under-Toning: Toning is the most important form of exercise for weight loss. It is much more important than cardio. Most people do plenty of cardio and very little toning. Toning is the fastest way to a great metabolism and can raise your metabolic rate permanently.

Not Chunking: It is critical for motivation when losing weight to break the challenge into small chunks with clear short breaks between each. Break your weight loss into 7 or 10 lbs chunks or 4 or 5 week chunks. Whatever option you choose it is important to give yourself a one to two week mental and physical rest between each chunk.

Incorrect Cardio: While it is important not to do too much cardio, it is equally important to make sure the cardio you do is correct. A lot of people simply go too slow. Your body changes only when strongly challenged. It is important to make sure your cardio is safe but also brisk and that you get and stay nicely breathless throughout. If you can walk and talk you are not losing weight!

Thank you

David McDonagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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