With the days fast closing in and the little sunshine we get about to disappear, you might be planning on getting some supplements to see you through these winter months. But before you reach for that vitamin bottle have you ever considered that you would be far better off getting your requirements from natural foods?

Get ready to revolutionise your energy, health and wellbeing and save a lot of money! Yes, I mean revolutionise because we might be getting lots of food but we are very undernourished and the correction of simple nutritional deficiencies can transform your body. Nothing beats doing this with natural everyday foods!

Getting vitamins, minerals and nutrients from natural foods is always vastly superior to those isolated nutrients from a bottle. They come in a form much more recognisable by the body and with other vital nutrients (some known and many still unknown) that make them much more powerful. Add to this the enzymes and other protecting phyto-chemicals you get and you have a real powerhouse of protecting, energy giving, anti-aging nutrients that are also a hell of a lot easier on the pocket!

Certainly there is a role for supplements but normally only for more urgent situations where there might be severe conditions are deficiencies. Because they are most often in isolated form, supplements are much more difficult to absorb and use in the body. They often come in large dosages too which actually creates more imbalances in the long run. Add to this the preservatives and additives used in production and supplements are definitely not all that you think they are.

Most nutritionists like myself would much prefer people to get their supplements from their foods and only use the other type for special conditions and urgent situations. Even then it is best to take multi-vitamins and multi-minerals and not to concentrate on individual ones where you can overdose, create more imbalances or get interactions with medications.

To help you supercharge yourself with plenty of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients below I list the top foods for the most common supplements you might be thinking about. So with a little food substitution here and there you can be getting all the vitamins and minerals in a form that is much more friendly and effective for your body and for a whole lot less and supercharge your energy, immunity, sex life, weight loss and improve or fix multiple other conditions.


Calcium is vital for teeth, bones, nerves, hormone and enzyme production and many other functions. The recommended daily amount is 1000mg. This amount is best gotten from a mixture of sources. Calcium is best for the body when taken with some magnesium and vitamin D (so see below).  Amazing sources are some dried herbs including dried savoury 80mg per tablespoon and celery seeds 120mg per tablespoon, parmesan cheese 380mg per oz and sesame seeds 280mg per oz.



Magnesium is vital for nerves, muscles, bones, hormone balance and for calcium to work. Deficiencies are widespread. The recommended daily amount is 400mg. Rice bran is a wonderful source at 250mg per oz. Wheat bran has 170mg per oz. Pumpkin seeds 150mg per oz. Watermelon seeds 150mg per oz. Brazil nuts have 19mg per nut! Flax seeds 100mg per oz.




B vitamins are one of the most popular supplements of all because of their huge influence in energy and literally the hundreds of other critical functions they do in the body. B vitamins are best taken together and not individually for most power. There are several powerful food sources of B vitamins including buckwheat, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, avocados and the vegetables kale, broccoli and mustard greens.




Vitamin C is vital for blood vessel strength, hormone production, fighting colds and flu’s and strengthening immune function and as an antioxidant for fighting aging. The recommended daily amount is 60mg. Again always take a mixture of sources. Green chilli peppers are a top source with 100mg in 1 pepper. Red chilli peppers have 60mg each. Kale has 84mg per cupful. Papaya 190mg in a medium sized one. Oranges 85mg and Tangerines 35mg each!



Vitamin D is probably one of our most deficient vitamins due to our lack of exposure to sunlight. It is vital for calcium absorption and so bone health. It is involved in cell growth and immunity. It is actually more like a hormone than a nutrient to give you an idea of its widespread and powerful influence in the body. The recommended daily amount in 600IU. Fish are definitely the most significant source of this vitamin with raw fish (sushi) and fatty fish topping the list e.g. raw Atlantic herring has 400IU per oz! However you can get great amounts from fish canned in oil with canned salmon providing 200IU per oz, canned sardines 75IU per oz and canned tuna 65IU per oz.       

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) is a very popular supplement for its vital role in fetal development. It is involved in DNA synthesis and repair and cell division and growth. The recommended daily amount is 400mcg. Marmite is a great source with 60mcg per teaspoon. All animal liver provides great levels but turkey liver is tops with 200mcg per oz. Sunflower seeds have 70mcg per oz. Green vegetables are also great with raw spinach and raw turnip greens having 110mcg per cup!



Iron transports oxygen to every cell in the body and has a huge role in energy and wellness. It is better absorbed from heme (meat) sources than none heme (plant) sources but plant sources offer multiple other health benefits too. The recommended daily amount is 18mg. Duck liver is great with 8mg per oz. Chicken and Turkey liver have 3.6 mg per oz. Clams have 8mg per oz. Herbs once again are a great help with thyme having 3.7mg per tablespoon. Pumpkin seeds offer another great alternative with over 4mg per oz.


So with a few small changes to your shopping list after 30 days you should be feeling the real power of real natural supplementation and feeling and seeing the results and getting the compliments that help keep you focussed on the power of getting your supplements from natural food.

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