Inside your body right now there are probably lots of changes happening that have far more serious consequences than you think. These ‘metabolic’ changes most people pass off as just a nuisance and part of the ‘norm’ and of very little harm, but this can be a fatal mistake.

What we are talking about are things like bloating, indigestion, constipation, trapped wind continuous fatigue, cravings, bad breath, stiffening joints, unexplained hair loss and fungal nail infections to mention a few! Most people mask them over with medications and cosmetic solutions but the problem itself never really gets solved.

These are all signs of major metabolic imbalances in your system and a body that is beginning to ‘rot’ inside. They are often a consequence of vital glands and organs beginning to deteriorate. Left untreated they often progress to have very serious consequences for you health, energy and quality of life. They lay the foundation for serious illness and disease including the big 3 – cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

You need to start paying attention to these ‘early warning signs’ and not accept them as inevitable and out of your control. There is plenty that you can and should do about them and it is very important that you keep working to locate the underlying cause and make lifestyle adjustments to fix the imbalances as soon as possible.

This newsletter is about becoming aware of the incredible power of your ‘metabolism’ and how it influences your weight and your health. Working right, it is probably the greatest medicine of all but when things start to go wrong it can be a very destructive influence.

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