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Whether it is the best weight loss you are after, the best way to stay looking younger or the best way to stay healthy, healthy hormone balance is without doubt the most powerful tool of all.

More and more research is showing that hormones are the kings of the body and their influence and effects are more critical than anything else and I mean anything else! It doesn’t matter what else you do – if hormone balance is wrong – everything is wrong! Indeed if hormone balance is wrong – everything else is a waste of time!

Weight Loss

With weight loss, hormone balance is the real master of your results – no matter how much dieting or exercise you do. For example low thyroid levels can cost you between 300 and 900 calories per day. Compare that with the fact that an average workout burns 500 calories and you can see the difficulties.

Similarly high levels of the stress hormone cortisol (a very common feature of modern day life) can cost you 200 to 300 calories per day. High levels of the hormone insulin can stop fat burning cold no matter what you do. Many insulin taking diabetics can testify to this. However high insulin levels are becoming a feature of many people’s bodies due to our excessive intake of sugars, refined carbohydrates and alcohols.

Incorrect hormone levels can mean that you spend the whole day dieting and get very little results. You can get 2 people of the exact same size and weight, doing the exact same exercise and one gets way better results than the other – it is all down to hormones.

Staying Young

When it comes to staying young looking in face and body, nothing comes near good hormone levels. There is not a lotion, potion or pill near as powerful. Take for example growth hormone, a naturally occurring hormone in the body. The higher the levels of this you can maintain the younger you will look and feel. Exercise is one of the best ways to do this.

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol age you very fast – just look at the faces of those with the most stressful lives for ample evidence. Also studies show that women who maintain good levels and balance of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone are the younger looking ones. Likewise men who maintain good levels of the their main sex hormone testosterone stay younger longer.

Yes good hormone balance will do much much more to keep you young looking than anything else. It doesn’t matter what super lotion you think you might have, nothing can touch maintaining good hormone balance.

Sex Life

If you want a better sex life for you and your partner, then hormone balance is critical here. Many people experience this naturally but do not attribute it to hormones. There are certain times of the day when you get the hormone surge and are raring to go.

Reduce a man’s testosterone and he will be dead in the bed no matter what you do! Likewise if a woman’s testosterone level drops it can kill her sex drive.

Yes, assuming that there are no relationship problems, good hormone balance can do wonders for your sex life – the frequency and the pleasure!

Your Health

Studies show that faulty hormones levels are at the root cause or a major contributing factor to nearly every serious illness and disease. Many people are familiar with the influence of hormones in diabetes and fertility problems, but hormone imbalances are highly implicated in most cancers, in heart disease, in depression, in low energy, in osteoporosis and in arthritis to mention a few more.

Health wise the power of hormones is absolutely incredible and even small changes can have a massive effect. Ironically the traditional things we do to improve these conditions, while maybe giving some benefit in the short term, can lead to very poor long term results.

Arguably achieving good hormone balance is the best medicine you can buy and if you have a pre-existing health condition, ‘unexplained’ aches and pains, ‘mysterious’ health problems or indeed just want to minimise your risk of serious illness and disease this is a great route to take. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Combining good hormone balance with some traditional treatment techniques can literally lead to ‘miraculous results’

As always I hope you get something useful from this article and please share it with others. Someone making one simple change can lead to big improvements. If you have any questions on the above conditions or another condition please email me at david@system10.ie and I will reply.

Thank you

David McDonagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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