…and many many more!
High Blood Pressure PMS,Irritable Bowel Chronic Fatigue,Low Blood Pressure ,Fibroids, Diverticulitis Fibromyalgia, High Cholesterol,Endometriosis, Chron’s Disease,Insomnia, Osteoporosis, Irregular Periods, Candida, Sleep Apnea,Type 2 Diabetes, Low Sex Drive, Acid Reflux, Migraine, Slow Thyroid,Fibrocystic Breasts , Cravings, Hot flashes, PCOS Fertility,  Constipation, Eczema

Although System 10 is a weight loss plan, let me tell you how it dramatically improves all the health conditions above and many others too! When I say dramatically, I mean dramatically! The critical key is the work we do in repairing and building your metabolism. Nearly every health condition has metabolism problems at its root cause. We are getting to the root cause of health problems and not just treating the symptoms!! That is an absolutely critical point.

When we fix your metabolism for weight loss we are at the same time fixing it for health problems. There are many ways we improve your metabolism but these below are particularly important because of their huge impact on health conditions. Every health condition above is dramatically affected by each one of these

  1. Balanced Diet: First of all balanced diet is the foundation of all health. It affects all body organs, glands and systems. It should be the primary medicine for everyone. Nothing influences your life more than the food you eat 4 times or more a day i.e. 28 times or more per week! Every health condition listed above will automatically improve when you start to eat a proper balanced diet.
  2. Hormone balance: Hormones rule your World! Hormone balance has a massive impact on your well being. Hormones are the single most powerful chemicals in your body. Hormone imbalances are very common and are at the root cause of many health problems. Our plan improves hormone balance by improving both the health and fitness of hormone producing glands and hormone balancing glands. Some health problems which can have hormone imbalance at their core include – PMS, insomnia, endometriosis, irregular periods, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, PCOS, fertility, migraines and of course slow thyroid!
  3. Immune System: Your immune system is the critical defence mechanism of your body. A powerful immune system means much less illness and disease and if you do have a health problem it is the key to controlling and improving it. So powerful is your own immune system that even the latest cancer cure research is about how to strengthen your own immune system to defeat the cancer. A huge part of our plan is about giving you a stronger immune system. Some health conditions where a better immune system is linked with great improvement include chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, fibroids, endometriosis, IBS, eczema, irritable bowel, candida, Chron’s and diverticulitis.
  4. Digestive function: A faulty digestive system is often the beginning point of many health problems. Remember everything that you are physically and mentally is made from the nutrients you absorb from digestion. A huge number of people have digestive faults with one of the worst being constipation. Stress is often linked to this. You can be taking in lots of the right foods but if you are not breaking down and processing it right then it is wasted effort. Digestive function is a metabolism area that we pay huge attention to because it has such a huge role in weight loss and health problems. This of course directly helps direct digestive problems like IBS, diverticulitis, Chron’s disease, acid reflux, constipation and bloating but it has immense benefits for every other health condition listed above too especially low blood pressure, slow thyroid, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and eczema.
  5. Toxic Load: Your toxin level is an incredibly important piece of the health jigsaw! A toxic body affects the operation of every gland, organ and system. So important and powerful is toxic load that many health experts rate it the single more important cure for health problems. Toxic load has been directly connected with high blood pressure, slow thyroid, fibrocystic breasts, low sex drive, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,  all digestive disorders and eczema to name a few. Reducing toxic load is a key part of System 10. We achieve this in many ways including better liver function (your main detox organ), better digestive function, better bowel function and by using specific detox tools including vegetable days and water fast days!
  6. Precision Nutrition: I cannot stress enough to you how important getting the right level of vitamins and minerals is for health problems. You can be getting plenty of food but not enough nutrition. All too often basic nutritional deficiencies are at the root cause of many health problems. For example, countless studies show that there are widespread deficiencies in key minerals like magnesium, chromium, zinc and potassium. System 10 takes it one step further by looking at the nutrients most critical to you right now! Very often in searching for a miracle we overlook the real miracle. Getting basic nutrition right which will correct many of your deficiencies is very often the key to fixing health problems especially low blood pressure, osteoporosis, slow thyroid, irregular monthly cycle, PMS, fertility and eczema.

I hope you can see that when you go on System 10 it is much much more than just a great weight loss plan. System 10 helps correct several vital pillars of health that are often overlooked. These pillars – proper balanced diet, hormone balance, immune function, digestive function, toxic load and nutrition levels are each on their own incredibly important and powerful but when put together can dramatically improve and often fix many health conditions. Welcome to the real weight loss miracle. The proof will be in how you feel a few weeks from now!!

As always I hope you get something useful from this article and please share it with others. Someone making one simple change can lead to big improvements. If you have any questions on the above conditions or another condition please email me at david@system10.ie and I will reply.

Thank you

David McDonagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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