I have to say that the best phone call I ever made was to Grace (the consultant) at System 10 clinic in Oranmore. Here’s why:

Grace put me on the right track straight away. My metabolism was at a standstill. I was putting on weight continuously. I found myself falling asleep as soon as I sat down in the evenings to watch my soaps on TV. I certainly had no interest in walking or any type of exercise. I had trouble sleeping well. Headaches were common place for me.

When I saw the program that was laid out for me at the start I thought I’d never be able for it. I started off my exercise and the motivation to carry through was there. I looked forward to my walks in the evenings. My husband came on board with the eating plan and gradually the weight started to come off not only for me but my husband as well.

The walking came easy to me and I looked forward to it in the evenings. I found I was getting fitter by the day coming home every evening with faster times covering the same distance. No trouble sleeping at night- not falling asleep in front of the TV and losing weight steadily. I can’t remember the last headache.

In just 9 weeks with Grace’s help, I had lost 16lbs and had reached my target weight. Incidentally my husband lost a stone and reduced his collar size to 16 and a half from 17 and a half. The key to the eating we found was smaller size portions. I feel now I have the energy to climb mountains.

I have learnt how to keep my weight right and must say life has never being better.

Thank you Grace and thank you System 10.

Siobhan from Galway.

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