These are very powerful secrets.

I use them to set a goal and achieve it!

These are life transforming secrets if you practice them a little and really work them.

I’m writing this for weight loss success but the same secrets apply to any goal you want to achieve in fitness, health, business, career or otherwise. These secrets might seem simple and obvious to some but they make all the difference. Amazingly very few people use them. This is probably why so many dreams go unfulfilled. Those who succeed and achieve use some or all of these secrets. If you have a goal but never seem to follow through on it, then these secrets should become your new secrets to success.

REASON WHY – This secret alone will ensure every goal is achieved. Why do you want to lose weight? What will it do for you? The weight loss alone will never be enough to motivate you. What will the weight loss really bring you? Is it energy, self esteem, better job prospects, a longer life or something else? Then what will these other things then bring you? Is your reason for losing weight strong enough? Will it get you through thick and thin, through the tough times and the pain? It rarely does! Most people fail on their goals because their REASON WHY is not strong enough. They want something but they really don’t want it bad enough. You see, if your REASON WHY is strong enough, nothing will stop you. You become unstoppable. An extreme example would be if your life depended on you losing weight within the next 6 months – would you do it? You bet you would, nothing would stop you. All excuses about tiredness, time or money etc. would disappear. You would do whatever it took to achieve it. Why, because your REASON WHY would be so strong. If you battle with weight loss, it’s because your REASON WHY is not strong enough. That is the bottom line. Hard as it might be to take that, that is the truth. You need to find a better REASON WHY and then you will win. Work on your REASON WHY and you can achieve any goal no matter how hard.

STEP IT – You need to view your weight loss in 1 stone steps! If you have 7 stone to lose you have 7 steps to go!  If you have 10 stone to lose you have 10 steps to go! Any goal you have should be broken into steps. Then focus on one step at a time. Focus on moving just one step forward. Another key is to make sure to take a short break between each step to recharge mind and body. Next, make sure that the tasks you need to do to achieve your goal are small and manageable. Don’t take on too much! For example, when people start to lose weight they always take on too much – dieting 7 days a week and going from zero to 5 or 6 days exercise. No wonder they lose motivation! What about dieting Monday to Thursday and then maintaining Friday to Monday? What about 30 minute workouts that you will enjoy and maintain rather than 60 minute workouts that you will hate and quit after 3 weeks?

MANTRA – When you find your real REASON WHY you want to lose weight or when you build a strong enough reason why, you then need to create a short mantra that captures the power of it. A mantra is a short personal 5 to 12 word phrase that you repeat to yourself regularly to spur yourself on. It’s a powerful piece of positive self-talk that reminds you of why you want your goal so bad. For example if your REASON WHY for losing weight is for health, then your mantra could be WEIGHT LOSS WILL HELP KEEP ME INDEPENDENT! Now when you repeat this to yourself it will immediately increase the value of weight loss in your mind and help you to make good decisions. If your weight loss is about helping you improve your love life, then your mantra could be WEIGHT LOSS WILL HELP PEOPLE SEE THE REAL ME! Working on and fine tuning a mantra can be a super motivator and help you keep motivation really strong.

ANCHOR – Try your best to anchor some of the key tasks that you must do for weight loss. Anchoring means setting the day and time that these tasks will happen. Anchoring helps you manage time better and helps prevent spontaneous events from getting in the way of your goal. It also makes it less likely that fatigue, emotions or even the weather will be used as an excuse for not doing these important tasks. Successful people anchor activities to make sure they happen consistently. For example with weight loss it is very important to know the exact days and times you will exercise and to stick to them. Another key thing in weight loss would be to anchor a set time every week (say 30 minutes) to work on the mental side of weight loss by reviewing this document and developing the points in it. You might also anchor a specific detox day. Anchoring is a vital key to achieving goals, don’t underestimate it and make sure to do it.

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Thank you

David Mc Donagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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