I hope you got some good ideas from part 1 (Click here to read part 1) of this article. These strategies are the difference between success and failure when it comes to achieving your goals. Goals require a strategy for success.    These secrets are life transforming if you practise them. Remember the same secrets apply to any goal you want to achieve in fitness, health, business, career or otherwise. Here are 4 more of my personal secrets to goal achieving success.

POSITIVE SELF TALK – After REASON WHY (see part 1), POSITIVE SELF TALK is my next favourite goal achieving technique. When you think about this one you will see just how much of an impact it has in our lives. When you achieve difficult goals a major part of it is because of what you said to yourself during the process. I’ll bet you pep-talked yourself re-assuring yourself it would be worth it and blocking out any negative thoughts. Likewise when you have failed to carry through on something, most likely your SELF TALK went the other way, you focussed on the problems and the dangers and let the negativity creep in. So now, I want you to start to become aware of your SELF TALK. Practise talking yourself into something and not out of it. Catch yourself being negative and block it and change to positive immediately. Also start listening to the talk of others. You will notice that for many people everything seems hard. They are totally focussed on reasons for not doing things and not on the reasons for doing things. It’s a sad way to exist. I feel terrible for them as they miss out on so much that they could have done. Very often it’s not entirely their own fault, they were conditioned by maybe parents, friends, teachers and colleagues to think that way. However everyone can change and practise POSITIVE SELF TALK and practise being an optimist. You get better at it with time!

CHANGE BOARD – Another favourite goal achieving technique is my CHANGE BOARD. This is another simple but amazing tool. It’s like having a personal motivation coach. A CHANGE BOARD is simply a white board where you jot down the best thoughts, slogans, facts and stories that you come across on a daily or weekly basis that really inspire you. It is a fantastic way to keep positive and focused. It is an incredibly powerful tool that you can review in times of need. It can help get your mind back to a great place fast.  We all come across things that inspire us on a daily basis. Some of these things can positively and powerfully affect how we think, feel and behave. These things can be some of the most powerful influencers in our lives. The problem is that if you don’t keep a record of them they can drift to the back of your mind and lose their impact. A CHANGE BOARD can help you keep these golden nuggets alive and allow you to revisit them on demand over and over again.

SUPER COMMIT – Sometimes if your REASON WHY isn’t strong enough, you will need something more to help you stay committed to your goal. This is where a SUPER COMMITMENT comes in. A SUPER COMMITMENT is where you work your goal a long with something else in order to keep your main goal alive. Simple examples would be planning to train for a 10k run while losing weight or getting sponsorship for your favourite charity for every pound you lose or committing to modelling at a charity fashion show at the end of your weight loss plan. See if you can join your goal to another task or event as it is a great way to keep you super motivated.

PEOPLE POWER – Last but certainly now least is using people power to help you stick with your goal. Most people actually do the opposite of this when they have a big goal in mind for fear of failure – they tell no one. If you really want to stay committed to a goal you will put your head on the line and inform people in your life about what you are doing. This could be family, friends, work colleagues or even better the general public. Having people track you and encourage you although a little pressurising can be a very useful tool to drive yourself on to prove you can do it. It is especially easy to have PEOPLE POWER with you nowadays by using Facebook and Twitter where you can inform people of your goal and update them on progress and results and even seek encouragement if you are slipping. Are you brave enough? You will be if you really want something.

Well I hope you have gotten some powerful ideas between both of these articles. Remember you don’t have to use them all, but the more you use the more powerful you will be. However the techniques of REASON WHY and POSTIVE SELF TALK, if done right are powerful enough on their own to propel you forward to huge success. If you are always starting goals but not seeing them through you definitely need to use some of these amazing techniques.

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Thank you

David Mc Donagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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