7 top tipsAre you conscious about your belly fat? If you would like to lose your stomach fat and get a great looking waistline, there is so much more you can get with the right plan. The answer is to burn real fat, lots more real fat! Unfortunately nearly all weight loss plans burn very little fat.

I promise you that no matter how bad your stomach is you can improve it enormously, more than you ever might think. Regardless of your age or the cause (post baby weight, surgery, slow thyroid weight, beer belly weight etc), a weight loss plan that burns real fat will dramatically change your stomach.

With your stomach the critical factor is to lose fat! While toning is important and we all need to tone our stomach (something that isn’t done right either!!), the real problem is fat, our stomachs have way too much fat. Focus on burning the fat and you will see enormous results.

And the SECRET to burning lots of real fat is to get a good metabolism! With a good metabolism you are literally re-training your body to burn fat – you become a fat burning machine! Your metabolism is with you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, so a good one will get you the amazing results you want. It makes sense!

A good metabolism ‘unlocks’ the doors to stubborn fat especially on the stomach and even on the lower stomach below the bellybutton. This fat is literally locked in due to metabolism faults that include hormone imbalances. Here are the best tips for improving your metabolism and really getting to that stomach fat…..

Meal Size

Eating small and often is definitely the best way to a good metabolism and reducing that stomach. Women should never eat and drink more than 400 calories at any one meal or snack and men never more than 500 calories! The minute you go over these levels you are going into fat storing mode!

More Fibre

There is no question that eating more fibre greatly helps reduce stomach fat. Typically we eat just 10g per day whereas we need 25g per day! Fibre improves blood sugar levels which minimises hunger and cravings and helps you feel full faster. It helps to reduce hormone imbalances too! Make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and whole fruits (not juices!) and switch to 100% wholegrain or whole meal breads and cereals. 


Drinking more water is probably one of the single best improvements you can make for stomach weight loss. Water greatly helps improve your metabolism. It also reduces appetite. It is the foundation for every other function in the body to work right. Remember drink 1L per 100 lbs you weigh and ideally drink it between meals.


The most important form of exercise for stomach weight loss is toning! The more muscles you tone the higher your metabolism and the more fat you burn 24/7. On top of this you reduce inches faster and get firmer. If you just focus on all aerobic (cardio) work you really are making it much harder to lose your stomach weight. Add total body toning (upper and lower body) to transform that stomach!

Reduce Carbs after 6pm

At evening time we tend to become less active and burn less blood sugar. Therefore we should reduce carbohydrates and focus more on lean proteins (poultry, eggs, lowfat cheese and fish) and essential fats (fish, nuts and seeds) at this time. These foods will keep our blood sugar much more stable, minimise the chances of storing fat and help keep hunger and cravings away! If you are filling up with carbs after 6pm you can store fat very easily unless you have a very active evening.


Probably the worst mistake people make in weight loss is under-eating! You go through all that sacrifice for absolutely nothing. It simply makes your metabolism and weight loss worse! While you need to reduce overall food intake you should never go below 10 calories per pound of your ideal weight. So if you your ideal weight is 9 stone (126 lbs) then do not eat less than 126 x 10 = 1260 calories daily and if your ideal weight is 10 stone (140 lbs) then do not eat less than 140 x 10 = 1400 calories daily!

Chunk Size

One of my favourite motivation tips of all time is to chuck size! This means break any challenge down into small manageable steps. Focus on your weight loss just 1 week at a time! Be determined to move forward even just 1 lb in the next 7 days. Focus on your diet 1 day at a time or even 1 meal at a time! Don’t look too far ahead. Don’t even think of your 1 hour exercise session! Just focus on getting through the first 15 minutes and then see how you feel!

If you have any questions about anything above please email me at david@system10.ie and I will reply.

Thanks for reading,

David McDonagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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