MetabolismEnergy! Better sleep! Weight loss! Glowing Skin! Depression! Fertility! Bone Density! You name it and your metabolism is the real secret to amazing success. Yes a good metabolism is the answer to many of your problems. It is at the foundation of all health and weight loss. No matter what your situation or treatment now, it can give you even more results. Your metabolism is connected to many things you don’t even realise. It can fix things that you think cannot be fixed.

We all have metabolism faults of varying degrees, whether it be poor nutrition levels, elevated blood sugar levels, undiagnosed slow thyroid, adrenal burnout (due to stress), hormone imbalances or digestive problems, to name a few. These metabolism faults are at the root cause of many problems or at the very least greatly contribute to them. Fixing these problems will bring you amazing results.

Incredibly, your metabolism is very often overlooked and ignored. Even when there are glaring signs of problems they are ignored. We seek other solutions. We reach for the pill or prescription. We do things that just mask over the problem and that will never fix it. In looking for a miracle, we overlook the real miracle – fixing your metabolism! Here are a few tips to start getting your metabolism back in order:

Eating small and often – every 3 to 4 hours – is the backbone to a great metabolism. Start to observe your portions sizes. Often we over eat for no good reason – it is a habit and not a need! Ladies should ideally not eat or drink more than 400 calories in one sitting and men not more than 500 calories.

Water – is the foundation of every function in your body and your metabolism. Unless you drink enough water daily all the other good things you do matter very little. Ideally drink 1L daily for every 100 lbs you weigh. Don’t exceed 3L no matter what your weight.

1 mile brisk walk – exercise is an internal power-hose that flushes out the junk and clogging in the body. It helps rebalance everything. Resolve to walk even just 1 brisk mile daily to super-charge your metabolism.

Supplement – even those who eat well have deficiencies because of our hectic over-processed and stressed lifestyles. A good multi-vitamin and a good but separate multi-mineral will give you the best insurance towards a great metabolism.

Digestion – your digestive system is the starting point of many metabolism problems. If this is wrong everything else is wrong. Constipation is one of the worst problems of all. If you have a digestive problem, fixing it is the first critical step to a great metabolism.

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Signs of a weak metabolism

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