In the last issue I spoke about how the most critical key to weight loss is your metabolism. Indeed your metabolism is the ONLY key to superb results for your hips, thighs, stomach and other stubborn fat areas.

Metabolism faults will limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise you do. In stubborn fat areas the fat is ‘locked in’ due to faulty metabolism in the surrounding area mainly because of lifestyle habits. Unless you correct these faults you will find it almost impossible to improve these areas and will end up losing weight from the wrong places! Your body will burn its fat from easy to access fat stores instead. With the ‘metabolism’ key you can get very dramatic results in these areas, much better than you ever thought possible.

Your metabolism is made up of many parts including your thyroid gland (in your neck), your adrenal or stress glands (located on your kidneys), your liver function, your digestive function, your blood sugar levels and general hormone balance. These are the real controllers of your weight loss success and access to stubborn fat. Undiagnosed slow thyroid (30% adults) can cost you 400 calories daily. Now that’s a whole workout wiped out! Poor adrenal gland function can cost you up to 200 calories daily! Constipation unbalances your whole system and makes weight loss almost impossible and greatly adds to stubborn fat! So can you see just how tricky weight loss can be?

Everyone is different, for the fastest results, you ideally should get your metabolism analysed to find out the best strategy for fixing your metabolism problems. However here are a few things that can greatly improve your metabolism and help in the battle against stubborn fat:

1.Eat small and often – ladies should never eat more than 400 calories at one meal and men never more than 500 calories in one go!
2.Avoid long gaps between eating. A gap of more than 4 hours really slows down your metabolism and often results in terrible cravings.
3.Fibre is one of the best metabolism balancers of all and can really improve hormone balance which is directly related to shifting stubborn fat. So make sure to get your fruit and vegetable portions every day and switch to wholegrain products!
4.Drinking water greatly helps your metabolism and by adding 20 drops of lemon juice per 250ml you improve body alkalinity which correct s many metabolism problems. The ideal amount of water to drink is 1L per 100 lbs you weigh. Ideally drink your water between meals and only a small amount at meals.
5.A pure whole fruit only 1 day detox is one of the best metabolism balancers of all and can help open the doors to stubborn fat. Contact us to find out how to do a whole fruit day safely and effectively!

So try to add some of these habits to your daily routine and tip the balance in your favour in the fight against stubborn fat!

Next Issue: How to Exercise to Lose Weight Effectively!

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