Hunger, cravings, tiredness, failing to shift stomach fat and regaining everything lost and starting all over again are typical experiences of those who try to lose weight. Yes, weight loss can be a pretty frustrating and miserable experience and that is why 9 out of 10 people fail to succeed

Amazingly these problems are created by the very method people use – typically a low calorie diet – which means you are destined to failure from the very beginning. Yes – low calorie dieting is the least effective way to lose weight. The problem is that this method destroys the very thing you need for successful weight loss – YOUR METABOLISM. Your metabolism is the master of weight loss and it doesn’t take very long to seriously damage, just about 4 days on a poor system!

Your metabolism controls how much fat your store or burn off. It controls hunger, cravings and tiredness. It completely controls access to stubborn body fat. A good metabolism means you keep losing weight week after week and keep it off after. A bad metabolism is why people typically ‘stick’ after 3 weeks and regain it all and more back.

Building your metabolism while you try to lose weight is the ONLY CORRECT way to lose weight. No other weight loss method can match this for effective results. Repeat – NO OTHER METHOD CAN MATCH THIS FOR RESULTS! It brings the incredible weight loss rewards mentioned above including getting you into your best SHAPE ever,

Building your metabolism requires a balanced diet suitable for your personal weight – not too low in calories and not too high. Another vital step is fixing any current metabolism faults you have, for we all have some damage inflicted whether it be through wear and tear or bad lifestyle habits. To try to lose weight without fixing these faults is like trying to drive your car without petrol!

Exercise is absolutely essential, for this is the only way to speed up your metabolism. You will NEVER EVER lose weight without the proper exercise. Worth saying again YOU WILL NEVER EVER lose your weight without exercise. Finally, knowing your body type is another vital key, for even if you eat well and exercise, if you are constantly feeding your body incompatible foods it will not burn fat properly and causes you to store fat in the specific trouble spots you have.

Yes it is time people started to look closely at any weight loss plan they are going to undertake. It is time to start asking some serious questions – will it build my metabolism? – will I lose real fat and not just water? For the sad reality is the large changes most are seeing on the scales are not real weight loss but a temporary loss of water. The amount of fat people are burning is very very little and the results are equally small. Is it any wonder people spend their whole lives trying to lose their weight?

Sooner or later you will have to accept that a good weight loss plan combines good food balance with good exercise and is focussed on building your metabolism. When it comes to weight loss QUALITY counts far more than QUANTITY.

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David McDonagh (Nutritionist, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 Weight Loss)

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