There are many ways for getting more motivated for weight loss and I have covered some of the best in previous issues. However there are 2 techniques in particular that alone if used properly will make sure you stick with your goals: Positive Public Pressure & Put Enjoyment In Your Goal Activity. In this article I will cover Positive Public Pressure.

Positive Public Pressure – is about informing key people in your life about your goal and putting yourself in a position so that you are accountable and have to up date them on your progress. Yes, it is putting yourself out there – but you are committed aren’t you? So why should that bother you?

Pressure can be a good thing especially if it is not too negative or intense, indeed it is the thing that motivates you in many other forms of your life and you probably have never stopped to think about it. You go to work everyday, even though you may not love it because you don’t want to get fired! You pay your bills on time because you don’t want to get cut off! You feed the kids and care for them even though it is not always easy because you don’t want to let them down as a parent!

So you want to lose weight, then tell your co-workers, your customers, tell your family and tell your friends! Tell key relevant people. This is the opposite of what most people do. Why? Because they are afraid of failure, they are already preparing for the easy way out! So I encourage you to announce you goal on your Facebook account, put it on your blog if you have one, join an online forum for people losing weight, write a diary for your local paper if possible, commit to walking a 10k event and collecting money for a local charity as part of your plan or put up a goal and progress chart at your work place.

There are lots of ways that you can engage people in your goal and then have to be accountable for what you do. If you are not willing to do some of the above from the start then I have to question your commitment. There is a huge difference between ‘wanting’ to lose weight and being ‘committed’ to losing weight. It is amazing the number of people who come to me who want to lose weight and haven’t even told their partner! Is this commitment? Absolutely not! Already you could say that they are looking for an easy way out! Commitment means being prepared to reach the goal no matter what it takes, no matter what obstacles you must overcome and no matter how many times you have to start again.

Put Enjoy In Your Activity – well it is common sense that if you enjoy the activity you are doing to lose weight that you will more likely stay motivated. So it is important to do your best to choose a diet and exercise that you give you the most enjoyment. There are many choices available. Sometimes however the best diet or activity might now be the most enjoyable one. So, what do you do then? Well there are ways to put enjoyment into most things and learning this skill can greatly transform your motivation. But that’s for the next article……

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