Are you committed to your weight loss? You might think you are or say that you are but unfortunately when it comes to the crunch very few people really are committed to their weight loss. A lot of people confuse commitment with simply being ‘interested’ in their weight loss. Just having ‘interest’ in your weight loss isn’t good enough, it is not a strong enough bond to get you through. So, what is commitment then?

There are many aspects to being committed so let us look at the most important ones. If you can get even a few of these aspects right you will be very successful. If you could get them all right you will have incredible success with your weight loss and other life goals.

First up, commitment means not giving up at the first problem, indeed not giving up at any problem! You should expect problems and you need to find away under them, over them or through them! No journey is a smooth ride and neither will your weight loss journey be. Simply having this attitude alone is a transforming factor. You need to accept that there will be problems and be prepared to deal with them and not use them as an excuse to give up. Commitment is expecting problems and being prepared to solve them.

Commitment means recognising your own self responsibility for your weight problem and your weight loss. This requires another attitude change. You can blame circumstances, events and other people for your weight problem and lack of weight loss success forever and you will never make any progress. Blaming others is an easy game and you are rarely right anyway.  The TRUTH is that you are where you are, because of YOU! Ultimately it is actions you took or actions that you didn’t take that have you where you are. The buck stops with you. Now this can be hard to take on board but it is true. Like everything in life, you ultimately control your own destiny. True, circumstances, events and other people might be contributory factors but most of the control is within you yourself. This is exactly why some people who have been dealt a much harder hand then you, can elevate themselves to achieve their goals including weight loss success. Commitment is recognising that you are ultimately responsible and control your own destiny.

Commitment means that when you do breakdown and go off the rails, you re-focus and get back on track immediately. Recognise it for what it is, just a temporary upset, it is not an excuse to give up. You have some good work done, do not waste it all. The sooner you get back on track the better. Forgive yourself, don’t beat yourself up and restart at the first chance. Commitment means not letting a relapse become a total collapse.

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