In the last article we discussed how a lot more people would succeed at weight loss if they simply got committed. Most people who think they are committed are actually not! We covered that being committed means:

  1. Expecting problems and being prepared to solve them.
  2. Recognising that YOU are ultimately responsible and control your own destiny.
  3. Not letting a relapse (where you go off the rails) become a total collapse

Now let us look at 4 more critical keys to commitment:

Commitment means when you think you are too tired to exercise, or think you don’t have the time to exercise, or think you don’t have the willpower to stay on your diet, or that you are too old to lose weight, that you recognise that most problems or barriers are actually false. Things are never as bad or as hard as they seem. Your mind has a great way of exaggerating problems or barriers. You need to realise that you can actually go and do these things and you need to go and prove that you can. When you actually go and do something despite these problems and barriers presented by your mind, this is called a ‘breakthrough’, you have overcome the negativity of your mind and proven to yourself that you could do it. The more ‘breakthroughs’ you achieve, the better your power over your own mind and the easier it becomes to dismiss false problems and barriers. Commitment is achieving ‘breakthroughs’ despite your mind presenting problems and barriers.

Commitment means that when you do go off track and have a disaster diet day or miss an exercise session, that you immediately plan to compensate for these upsets. You should aim to work harder on your diet the next day and make up for the lost exercise session as soon as possible. It is inevitable that you will have bad days and weak moments but they only become an issue when you do not make up for them. Commitment means always planning to payback for upsets as soon as possible.

One of the biggest mistakes in weight loss is when you keep making excuses week after week for not doing things or not getting to a certain level of results. Excuses will always be found if you look hard enough. There has to come a point that if you are not achieving what you have planned that you stop and review what is happening and plan some solutions to the problem. Do not continue on the same road. Perhaps you need closer supervision, a new exercise strategy, a change of diet? Something has got to change. Commitment means having a deadline for change if what you are doing isn’t working.

Finally commitment means working on the above 6 action keys. Commitment is a skill that needs to be worked on and you now have some very simple techniques to do this. You need to be prepared to try out these tasks and persist with them for a little while. They have worked very well for others and they will work very well for you with a little effort. Try it and see! Commitment means being prepared to practice these skills!

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