A. This is all down to changes in your metabolism. As we get older our metabolisms are rapidly changing. Thyroid levels fall, male and female hormones decline, our digestive function declines, liver function declines and blood sugar rises and these are just a few of the changes. These are all critical factors for weight loss.

Even in young fit adults, the margin for weight loss success is very tight. As you get older, even small changes in the metabolism areas can wipe out the margin for weight loss success. This is the reason I always stress that there are 3 critical ingredients to weight loss – diet, exercise and correcting your metabolism problems.

Dieting harder or adding more exercise is not the solution and will make the metabolism problems worse! The key is having a balance of all 3 keys! Correcting these metabolism factors is not only essential to your weight loss success but will allow you to access the stubborn fat on your stomach, hips and thighs and also transform your health.

So, you need to stop and think about your metabolism and get help to identify your weak-spots and then work on fixing them, otherwise you will have a fierce uphill battle against your weight and end up putting yourself through misery for very little results.

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