Motivation is arguably the key to everything. Based on extensive research, we are delighted to bring you some of the most effective motivation techniques of all. They can be applied to any area of your life and in particular to making healthy life-styles changes. They take little or no time to practice because often they can be used immediately on real life situations. This edition we want to talk about ‘chunk sizing’a simple but incredibly powerful tool.

Chunk sizing is simply breaking the task in hand into smaller steps. Very often it is the thought of starting a task that is the hardest step to make and once started it becomes much much easier. Chunk sizing is the perfect tool to do this. Enormous tasks or very boring mundane tasks are particularly suited to this technique.

Say for example you keep putting off doing clothes ironing. Then the strategy would be to decide to just go and iron 3 or 4 items only – seems like perfect common sense but most people do not do this. Now the thought of ironing just 3 or 4 items takes the perceived pain out of the task and makes starting quick and easy. Inevitably what happens is the once you start you get into a run and end up doing ALL the ironing because it wasn’t as bad as first seemed.

Applying this to doing an exercise session is easy. Again here it is often incorrect perceptions of difficulty that causes us to start making excuses. However what you should do is to ‘chuck’ size and commit to just doing a short 15 or 20 minute portion of your workout, agreeing that if you feel the same after that time you will pack it in for the day. Again inevitably what happens is that once you get started it all is easier than you thought and you have no problem to keep going.

Practice ‘chunk’ sizing in your daily life and see how everything becomes much much easier!!

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