One of the most important things you can do is protect your joints. Movement is fundamental to the enjoyment of life and health. Often due to wear and tear as people get older joints give more and more trouble. If you are not already aware of Glucosamine then you should put it on your supplement ‘hot’ list.

Glucosamine is one of those genuine miracle supplements. It has been proven in tests to be very effective at improving joint function because it not only helps repair tissue but also replace joint tissue. 66% of users experience benefits from its use, which is a phenomenal success rate.

The recommend dosage is 2000mg daily if you are in need of serious joint help and 500mg – 1000mg daily if you just want to maintain your joint health. Take for at least 90 days before judging the results as it takes this length of time for significant levels of repair to take place.

If you have joint trouble or are an active person or sports person who is likely to get wear and tear of the joints then we strongly recommend that you find out more about this superstar supplement now.

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