Your digestive is the starting point of all body function and so an enormous amount of health problems originate here. Your digestive function begins with chewing, so by simply focussing on chewing more you can greatly help your body. There is nothing more destructive for the body then swallowing food, especially meats, poultry and fish in large lumps.

However another major part of your digestive system is the balance of flora or bacteria in the small and large intestine. I would say 2 out of every 3 people I meet have a problem in this area and get major benefits by restoring the balance with probiotic supplements.

I cannot stress in words how important your digestive system is to your whole life. It is the king (or queen for the ladies!) in my book in the quality of your life, your energy, your health and the risk of serious illness and disease. If you have a faulty digestive system it is like a car with a petrol leak or a leak in your central heating system!

There are so called good and bad bacteria in your intestine. The name bad is a bit unfortunate because these bacteria have also important body functions and play a role in maintaining balance in the whole system. However problems occur when the balance goes wrong and the ‘bad’ bacteria increase beyond their desired levels.

Stress, illness, alcohol, poor food choices, food allergies and even antibiotic medications can cause this. Once it gets out of balance it can be very hard to get it back – indeed some people never do – and suffer unnecessarily for the rest of their lives.

Nearly all digestive problems can be helped by correcting your bacteria balance but especially irritable bowel syndrome, candida, yeast overgrowth, colitis, diverticulitis, Chron’s disease, bloating, stuffed or blocked up feelings, bad breath and constipation. Indeed better bacteria balance is proving more effective for treating constipation then increasing fibre intake.

If getting a probiotic supplement make sure to get one that includes several different strains of good bacteria not just one or two because bacteria are very function specific and different bacteria offer different benefits. Also make sure it is a strong supplement – at least 3 billion bacteria per capsule – because to treat any condition you need to take in at least 6 to 12 billion bacteria daily (your body has trillions of bacteria, hence the need to supplements in billions to rebalance it). Ask our agents about our multi strain probiotic supplement with 6 billion bacteria per capsule!

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