I would like you to consider the key mistakes people make when it comes to getting and staying motivated for weight loss. Working to prevent these errors will go a long way to making you successful.

1. GOALS – In an earlier issue we spoke about having a crystal clear goal or goals. Your goal must be very specific in terms of how much you want to lose, where you want to lose it from and by when you will lose it. Having a clear end destination with some checkpoints along the way is essential for success. You will never succeed without crystal clear goals that are written down!

2. WRITTEN PLAN – 2 very important words here – ‘written’ and ‘plan’. You must write down what it will take to get you to your goal. Plans that are ‘in your head’ are simply useless! You must clearly write down the days you will exercise, at what time you will exercise and how much exercise you will do. You must decide in advance what your food plan will be and have it written out exactly like a menu and not just make it up as you go along!

3. EXPECTATIONS – People generally expect huge results for very little effort. Here is the truth – to lose 2 lbs a week will take a suitable food plan and at least 3 brisk 60 minute aerobic sessions and 2 toning sessions weekly. To lose 3 lbs a week will take a suitable food plan and 4 to 5 brisk 70 minute aerobic sessions per week and 2 toning sessions. Work out your food plan for the next 6 weeks as follows – take your current weight and subtract 21 lbs and then multiply the remaining weight by 10 e.g. If you are currently 210 lbs then your calories should be 210 – 21 = 189 and then 189 x 10 = 1890 calories. If you are currently 160 lbs then your calories should be 160 – 21 = 139 and then 139 x 10 = 1390 calories. Then spread these calories out over 4 to 5 meals daily.

4. OBSERVE – start to take note of when you are most inspired and what has inspired you. Use this knowledge when necessary to help get yourself back into this motivated state on demand. Also look back and ask some questions. When was the last time you were motivated to lose weight? What got you motivated and why? Try to re-do the things you did then to get yourself back to that high motivation level.

5. POSITIVE SELF TALK – replace negative thoughts with powerful positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are one of the biggest enemies to motivation. Catch yourself when you are being negative and STOP IT immediately and replace it with prepared positive talk such as ‘I can do it’, ‘It’s make or break time’, ‘It’s now or never’ or some other phrase that makes you feel stronger and better. The more you practice this, the better you become. You can become a very positive person!

6. INSPIRE – work on your motivation by learning a little about weight loss. Buys some books to increase your knowledge about the subject. The more you understand the subject and how it works the easier it is to do what is necessary. It is very hard to stay motivated without good reasons for doing what you have to. More knowledge and understanding of how weight loss actually works will greatly help your motivation.

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