The fastest and safest way to lose weight is to fix your metabolism. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Fixing your metabolism gets you burning more fat, every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – nothing can beat that! Just imagine the results! But there are 3 more incredible reasons why fixing your metabolism should be the only way you ever lose weight.

Reason No.1 – Real Weight Loss
Maybe you do not realise but people mostly lose just water and very little fat when they lose weight. The incredible stories you often hear of losing 8 lbs in a week of 1 stone in 2 weeks are nearly always ‘false’ weight loss. You can tell this because these people suffer huge fluctuations in weight (i.e. water changes), lose weight from their face (due to the dehydration) and inevitably stop losing weight after about 3 weeks, because there is only so much water you can lose!

When you fix your metabolism you lose REAL weight and the results are very dramatic. If you even lost 10 lbs of REAL weight you would be shocked at the change in your body. More important because you have genuinely burnt off fat, the results are easier to keep afterwards.

Reason No.2 – Your Best Shape Ever
If you want to get the best results for the amount of time put in, then you must fix your metabolism. For every day you spend doing this, the results are about 3 times as effective as other weight loss plans. The main reason for this is that fixing your metabolism is the only way to shift stubborn fat and to balance ‘top’ heavy and ‘bottom’ heavy bodies.

You see both of these are heavily influenced by metabolism factors such as thyroid function, liver function, hormone balance, toxin levels and nutrition levels and unless you go and correct these underlying factors you will never shift the stubborn fat and never get your top and bottom halves back in balance.

Reason No. 3 – Stop the Misery of Weight Loss
Hunger, tiredness, cravings, giving up all the things you like, losing weight from the wrong places and ‘sticking’ after 3 weeks are just some of the things that people go through, making weight loss a pretty miserable experience. However this is totally unnecessary. People often do things that are totally unnecessary. Part of the problem here is that people mostly focus on just one thing – diet – and there is absolutely no margin for error when you focus on this alone.

However when you fix your metabolism you tackle weight loss from a couple of angles, so even if you slip up a little the results will still be good. With food, balance is far more important than low calories so you should never be hungry. You can have a daily treat and have a few drinks every weekend and still get great results. Fixing you metabolism gets rid of cravings – these are a real sign of metabolism imbalance. Best of all, fixing your metabolism greatly improves your energy. So done the right way, weight loss should be a very good experience and is not as hard as people think.

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