There Is Only 1 Correct Way to Lose Weight


The truth is that there is only 1 correct way to lose weight and that is by speeding up your metabolism. When you do this you burn more fat, every hour 24 hours a day – NOTHING CAN BEAT THIS FOR RESULTS – indeed I mean there isn’t any plan Worldwide that can even come near this for results! When you read why you will never want to lose weight by any other method again.


First and foremost this is the fastest and best way to lose weight. It is quality that counts. You see 99% of the great results you hear about – 3 lbs in 2 days – 5 lbs in a week – are nearly always FALSE! Most of what the person has lost is water! Their shape will hardly have changed. We are great at fooling ourselves with FALSE weight loss.


When you speed up your metabolism you burn REAL fat. Losing REAL fat dramatically changes your shape. Indeed even to lose 6 lbs of REAL fat would make a huge difference to you shape and confidence. Because you have actually burnt off REAL fat the results will stay and not return overnight or if you have a bad day!


No wonder when you are on the false weight loss routine most people ‘stick’ after 3 weeks. Well there is only so much water you can lose! You have also been slowing down your metabolism which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you need. Speeding up your metabolism is the only way to make sure the weight loss will continue week after week  


Speeding up your metabolism is also the only way to shift stubborn fat from your stomach, hips and thighs. Stubborn fat is controlled by imbalances in your metabolism e.g. toxins, poor organ function, hormone imbalance and it is only by correcting these that you will get the fat out of these areas.


To speed up your metabolism there are 3 key components – FOOD, EXERCISE and NUTRITION. Too little food kills your metabolism – that is why most diets fails and of course the consequences of too much food are obvious. You absolutely must exercise if you are ever going to lose your weight because nothing can compare with exercise for correcting and improving your metabolism. Finally, you must have great nutrition, which means optimal vitamins, minerals and nutrients to repair past damage and maximise your metabolism function.


Compare all these great benefits with what people usually experience – hunger, cravings, tiredness, looking pale and sick, poor results, ‘sticking’ after 3 weeks and then quitting and you will see why the next time you want to lose weight pick a plan that maximises your metabolism! It should be the last time you will ever have to lose weight.


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