Shopping – your weight loss success or failure begins when you shop. Here the decisions you make are critical. Don’t rely on your willpower thinking you will be able to buy all those treats and junk foods and say no to them in times of weakness. Better not to get them in the first place!

Meal Gaps – as much as possible avoid long gaps between meals or snacks. This really slows down your metabolism and is one of the biggest causes of the cravings that you cannot control. Try to not leave it any longer than 4 hours between meals and snacks!

Toning – make sure toning is a vital part of your weight loss plan. Toned muscles increase your metabolism better than anything else, plus you have the added benefits of the loss of inches. If you are caught for time better to reduce your aerobic work a little and make the time for toning!

Early Exercise – the earlier you exercise in the day the better as you tend to feel better and do more because of the energising effects you gain. Your metabolism remains super high for more than 4 hours after your workout!

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