There is a massive range of face and body products available, but how do you know you are getting the best thing? Well, there are certain key things you should look for in a face or body lotion and we want to outline the main things here:

1.    Most important of all, the product should be about the natural improvement of your own skin and not just about filling or masking over. Is the product about genuine skin cell repair?

2.    Will the product be absorbed by the skin? This can be a big problem. Very often you will be lucky if the ingredients get beyond the first layer of the skin and yet to be effective you need a product that will genuinely penetrate to several layers.

3.    Ideally the product should be as organic and natural as possible, remember you will be applying the product daily on a continual basis, so you certainly want mostly natural ingredients going into your body.

4.    The product should cover a number of different aspects of good skin care – e.g. firming, nourishing, moisturising, improving circulation and protecting against future damage.

5.    The product should have ingredients in sufficient strength to actually make a difference. Very often there is so little of the ‘active’ ingredients present that you will never get results.

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