Probably one of the most powerful motivation skills of all is using a personal mantra. Simplicity is genius and this could never be more true than in this case. A personal mantra is a short meaningful emotional (3 to 5 words) statement that you repeat to yourself when you need to deal with difficult situations that require instant motivation.

Personal mantras work because we spend a lot of our time with negative thoughts in our mind e.g. I can’t do this! I’ve failed before! This is too hard@! I’m too old! I’m too tired! Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs control your actions. Luckily you can only have one thought in your mind at a time and by using a personal mantra you can prevent and block out these negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts that lead to positive beliefs and positive actions.

You can easily create a personal mantra of your own. It must be 3 to 5 words that really mean something to you and that stir up strong positive feelings within you. Use it and you will find out pretty fast whether it works or not. As with everything in life the more you practice the use of your mantra the more effective it will become and the easier it will be to use. If it doesn’t work replace it and try another.

Alternatively I invite you to use my personal mantra – ‘Victim or Victorious’! This short powerful statement with the 2 very emotive words – ‘victim’, ‘victorious’ can be very effective to help you with weight loss and lifestyle changes and other important life decisions. Let me give you some examples.

You are tired and hungry and your mind is telling you to go and get some of the chocolate biscuits in the cupboard. The problem is that you have already had 2 today and you know that any more will undo your good weight loss work. Then immediately start using your mantra to replace these tempting thoughts! Repeat it many times to yourself. If no one is around, say it out loud and with some emotion…… ‘Victim or Victorious’…… ‘Victim or Victorious’…… ‘Victim or Victorious’….. meaning are you going to stay overweight and without self control and be a victim or will you show that you can be in control and be victorious? Don’t be too surprised if you decide not to have the biscuits!

Let’s say you should go to the gym, but these thoughts come into your mind…. I’m tired… It’s cold outside… I’ll start tomorrow…. then start using your mantra to jolt you out of this negativity and help you to make the right decision. Well, are you going to be a ‘Victim’ or ‘Victorious’? You might not always win the argument and go to the gym but it certainly will increase your chances and the more often your mantra helps you to succeed the more powerful it becomes!

Mantras might seem a very basic and even strange strategy but they in reality they are not. We are unconsciously using negative mantras all the time anyway, so now we are just replacing them with positive ones to help take better control of our mind and our minds control everything!

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