Take our simple quiz to make yourself aware of the changes that are already taking place in your metabolism that might encourage you to make some health lifestyle changes.

Simply circle yes or no and add up your total score:

Do you have any digestive problems like heartburn, indigestion or bloating? No Yes
Do you find your sleeping at night has dis-improved (not stress related)? No Yes
Do you find that you regularly seem to be sick with bugs, colds or flu? No Yes
Do you suffer from constipation? No Yes
Are you continually tired even after rest or a good night of sleep? No Yes
Do you drink the equivalent of 5 pints or more weekly? No Yes
Do you find yourself falling asleep in the afternoon or early evening? No Yes
Have you been on a large number of prescription medicines in the last 5 years? No Yes
Do you suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol or high blood sugar? No Yes
Do you suffer from poor nails or poor hair or poor skin quality? No Yes


All of the above represent significant changes in your metabolism. The more ‘Yes’ answers you have the more serious your condition. If you have more than 4 ‘Yes’ answers we urge you to take urgent action now to rebalance your metabolism. Don’t wait for bad news!!

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