Red (bad) and Green (good) switches are a simplified way to help you understand how you lose weight. Red switches stop fat being burned and cause fat storage. Green switches allow access to fat and help prevent fat storage. In the last Issue I focussed on the key things that turn on the red switches. Now let’s focus on the positive and the key things you can do to turn on the green switches:

  1. Eating small and often is superb for turning on the green switches and keeping the red switches off. This alone can transform your weight loss. Try to eat 4 to 5 times daily at 3 to 4 hour intervals and never exceed 400 calories (ladies) or 500 calories (men) at any given meal.
  2. Fibre is fantastic for the green switches, so look at how much fibre you are getting and aim for 25g per day. The average intake of fibre in only 10g daily. Fibre is found mainly in wholegrain, fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds.
  3. Water turns on the green switches, so don’t forget your 1L daily per 100lbs you weigh!
  4. Aerobic (cardio) exercise is vital to turn on the green switches.
  5. Toning turns on the green switches and especially in stubborn fat areas if you select exercises for those areas. Try to do toning exercise for all the major muscle groups.
  6. Minerals especially calcium, magnesium and zinc are vital for having your green switches on. Many of us are low in these especially magnesium and zinc and they become even more important if you are exercising.
  7. A one day fruit only day can really kick start the process of turning on green switches and turning off your red switches. Contact us for instructions!
  8. Your liver is the major detox organ of the body and a balancer of the body’s environment and so has a big influence on your green and red switches. Keep you liver strong and healthy by using a milk thistle supplement on a regular basis.

And some more things that turn on your red switches……

  1. Constipation is one of the most destructive metabolism problems of all and intoxicates the whole body from head to toe, turning on all your red switches!
  2. Stress turns on your red switches especially in your stomach area, giving the beer belly appearance. You can’t avoid stress but you need to start taking control of it!
  3. Wine turns on your red switches so be careful! For some reason people separate wine from other alcohols in their minds but the metabolic effects are arguably more destructive for some people.

I hope you can see from this article and the last one some of the things that have been undermining your weight loss and possibly wiping out your diet and exercise efforts. It is all about getting the balance right and tipping it in the right direction to see some movement on the scales.

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