Absolutely critical to your motivation is your environment – the items, pictures, people and other things around you at home and at work. Expecting to stay motivated for weight loss or anything else when your environment is wrong is near impossible.

You need to create an environment that supports and inspires your goal and that can pull you up when you are down. There are so many de-motivators everyday to your goal including your own negative thoughts, it is vital to have constant reminders to re-focus you. The items you use don’t have to be specifically about weight loss, they just have to be items that make you feel positive, lift your spirits and fire you up to take action.

1. You need to get some pictures that inspire you and place then in key places at home and at work. Watch out for stories in magazines and newspapers that inspire you too and cut them out and place them in strategic spots.

2. Create your own motivational slogans or research some on the internet and print them up and place them where you will regularly see them. In an earlier issue we worked on developing a personal mantra (a short meaningful slogan that drives you towards your goal), this is perfect for this purpose too. I know one person who has their mantra as a screen saver on their computer and they have found the repeated reminders superb for ‘snapping’ them action.

3. Do the people you mix with inspire you? Don’t let people sabotage your goal by negative talking about you or your goal. Avoid these people or change the conversation. Take control over your environment! Spend your time with positive people who either inspire you by they do or support you in what you do.

4. Is there a dvd that really gets you fired up, then keep it handy for when you need a little lift. Also remember music is one of the most powerful motivators of all and can change the atmosphere and your mindset in an instant. Place copies of music that inspires you in key places – home, office and the car – and turn it on for a few minutes of quick inspiration.

5. Another great idea is to have a motivation file or box where you place articles, pictures, items or write notes on things that fire you up and that you can revisit in times of need. If done right even flicking through this box or file should refocus you.

The message is to decide today to look around your environment and to make some simple changes and introduce things that improve the atmosphere and remind you about what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it. Try to have these changes as visible as possible. Remember motivation is a ‘war’ against endless distractions – arm yourself as best you can and be prepared to be successful!

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