The ideal amount of water to drink each day is 1L per 100lbs you weigh. So if you are 150lbs this should be 1.5L and 200 lbs then 2L. If you don’t drink water daily your insides are like a fish tank that hasn’t been cleaned out in weeks – get the picture!!

The ideal walking speed for weight loss is 12 minute miles. At this speed you burn great calories and greatly improve your metabolism. So whatever your current walking speed aim to gradually progress until you get to 12 minutes per mile!

Stress makes your stomach fat! Continuous stress causes high levels of cortisol to accumulate in the body especially around the stomach area. Excess levels of this hormone result in higher fat levels especially in the stomach area.

Liquid diets are one of the fastest metabolism killers of all! Liquid food requires very little energy to digest causing your metabolism engine to slow down. You might lose some weight for 2 or 3 weeks but it will then slow down and stop for most people. You are then left with a slow metabolism that will rapidly accumulate the weight lost.

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