So far no effective weight loss pill or herb exists! The results at best have been very poor even from prescription weight loss drugs. Don’t let those adverts fool you! You are going to have to change your diet and exercise sometime to get real results.

To stop eating at 6pm is not beneficial and very often bad for your weight loss results! The ideal rule is to avoid a large meal within 3 hours of bed time and a smaller snack within 2 hours of bedtime. So count from your bedtime back and stop this miserable habit as you are suffering needlessly.

A large portion of your weight loss occurs after your workout! Yes, your workout revs up your metabolism engine and it stays revved up for many hours after your workout, clocking up the calories burned!

It is only after about 20 minute continuous exercise that you start to burn large amounts of body fat. Yes it takes this time for your body to reach the state where it can access fat stores.

A typical pint of beer or lager has around 200 calories – yes just 1 pint – and you wonder why you stomach is getting fat! It takes the average person 30 minutes of brisk aerobic work to make up for this 1 pint!! That is we recommend that men stick with a limit of 3 pints weekly and ladies 2 pints when trying to lose weight.

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