The truth about weight loss is that your plan must have 3 critical keys – metabolism, diet and exercise! It baffles me how people can tell you that you can lose weight properly without exercise or that liquid meal replacement diets are good for you or that weight loss pills work! Why can’t people tell you the truth?

I’m sure you are familiar with 2 of the keys – diet and exercise, but we leave out the most important and powerful key of all – metabolism! I am going to explore these keys so that you understand them better and clearly see that any genuine weight loss plan should have all 3 keys and they give you by far the best and fastest weight loss!

Metabolism – The first step in any weight loss plan should be to identify your key metabolism weak-spots and fix them. These are the things that make your weight loss so hard. Your metabolism controls the benefits of your diet and exercise. Metabolism faults like constipation (40% adults), undiagnosed slow thyroid (30% adults), digestive problems (40% adults), high blood sugar (50% adults) and hormone imbalances (60% adults) will limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise you do. These should be addressed with good food and careful selection of key repairing supplements where necessary. Fixing your metabolism turns on your weight loss ‘switch’ and will make your weight loss much easier and much more successful.

Diet – Everyone understands the need to improve your diet for weight loss. However under-eating is as bad as over-eating! Under-eating dramatically slows your metabolism within 4 days, so inevitably you will stick after 3 weeks and lose no more. You should NEVER EVER eat less than 10 calories per lb of the target weight you want to achieve. Simply add a zero to your target weight in lbs and this is your ideal daily calorie intake. So if your goal is to weigh 11 stone (154 lbs) – eat 1540 calories daily. If your goal is 9 stone (126 lbs) – eat 1260 calories daily. For best results divide this intake over 4 to 5 meals throughout the day. So bin those 800 and 1000 calorie diets and eat more to lose more!

Exercise – I cannot understand how people are told (or how so many weight loss products imply) that you can lose weight without exercise. Exercise is absolutely critical to weight loss. You need both cardio and toning exercise. For most people 4 x 60 minute cardio sessions and 2 x 20 minute toning sessions per week is more than enough exercise. If you are not losing weight with this amount you need to check your exercise effort and look to your metabolism and diet – more exercise is not the answer! Exercise is the fastest way to speed up your metabolism. The extra inch loss is also priceless. Remember if you lose weight without exercise (especially toning) you will end up a saggy mess!

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