L-glutamine is an amino acid which is a building block for body proteins. It is the most abundant amino acid in the body, arguably the most important and has incredible functions and benefits.

Perhaps most important of all is that L-glutamine can be used to help make all other amino acids required by the body. This flexibility makes it incredibly useful for a multitude of requirements but especially tissue building. It is also involved in the production of glutathione (major body protector especially against cancer), glucosamine (major joint protector) and vitamin B3 (cholesterol controller)

is vital for recovery from injury, burns and surgery because of its role in tissue building. Studies have shown significantly faster recovery and less complications when it is supplemented. It is also the major sources of energy for the immune system and so has a key role in protection and in fighting illness and disease including viral infections.

L-glutamine is the most abundant nutrient in the digestive tract and so plays a key role in digestive function and in solving digestive problems. It is particularly helpful for IBS, Diverticulitis and Leaky Gut Syndrome. It is also a proven key player in helping to fight addictions to sugar and alcohol and has shown great benefits for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Last but certainly not least L-glutamine helps with weight loss and obesity. This is mainly due to its multiple metabolism benefits as outlined above especially its role in preserving lean tissue (and so your metabolic rate), its benefits to the digestive system and its benefits to liver function.

There are no side effects to L-glutamine once taken in sensible dosages. L-glutamine is available in capsules and powered form. The powered form (which is taste free!) is recommended if using dosages above 3g daily. 1 to 3g daily is recommended for craving control and 5g or more for treating illness and disease and for sports performance. Please research or consult for dosages specific to your own requirements.

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