Q. Why Can’t I Gain Weight? I’m too Skinny!

A. The inability to gain weight is a major stress for some people. This can be as distressing to those in this situation (especially ladies) as losing weight is to people with a weight problem. What is worse is that while there are plenty of people advising about weight loss, there are few if any who advise about weight gain and especially how to do it right.

In people who are unable to gain weight there are 3 factors to consider – their metabolism is normally unbalanced (including overactive thyroid function), they normally have poor food balance and you need to look at their exercise level.

Critically important is the fact that the desirable extra weight they want is lean muscle tone and only a small amount of extra fat. These people certainly do not want to be gaining large amounts of fat as this will normally leave them with a large stomach area and still skinny everywhere else.

The solution is to rebalance your metabolism with key supplements, eat a high calorie food plan that is broken into at least 4 meals daily (ideally 5) and that has great balance between carbs, fats and proteins and finally to do lots of toning work every week and small amounts of aerobic and cardio work.

Gaining the right weight is very possible, but like weight loss, you need careful precision and balance of the factors involved and not just to throw some ideas together and hope for the best as most people do!

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