Q. Why Do I Regain My Weight the Minute I Finish My Plan?

A. There are 2 main reasons why this happens. First due to bad quality weight loss plans most people are losing a lot of water when they lose weight and very little fat. It is simply false results. The minute they ease back on their plan this water will return and so up goes their weight. This is why most weight loss plans won’t measure fat loss – they don’t want you to know you are getting false weight loss!

Second, people normally eat way too little when trying to lose weight and literally kill their metabolism. It only takes 4 days for this to happen! Their body has then learned to live on a lot less calories (slower metabolism) and so the minute they return to any normal sort of eating their weight explodes back on.

The only way to prevent this and to far better and easier weight loss is to greatly speed up your metabolism while you lose weight. The only way to do this is the precision balancing of the 3 keys diet, exercise and metabolism correction. The net result is that after you finish your plan you will be left with a much faster metabolism or metabolic rate and this is what will make sure that you keep the weight off and can still enjoy your food and some treats!

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