Unless you eat a very well designed and carefully thought out diet there is growing evidence that many people are not getting enough of key minerals including calcium, chromium, magnesium and zinc. Indeed it seems that up to 80% of us can be deficient. This is very worrying because the situation is likely to be a lot worse for those on poor weight loss diets and those who exercise regularly. A broader understanding of the roles these minerals play will perhaps motivate you to pay closer attention to them. Remember you are most likely to be deficient in them right now especially these 4 below!

Calcium is needed for bones and teeth, assists muscle contraction and nerve impulses, is involved in hormone production and blood clotting, assists many enzymes in their function and studies show it may help prevent intestinal cancer and reduce high blood pressure. Best sources are dairy products, almonds, sesame seeds and vegetables.

Chromium’s main function is to assist insulin in the control of blood sugar. Controlling blood sugar is arguably the number 1 factor in weight loss. Because of its role in blood sugar control, chromium also benefits energy levels and helps combat sugar cravings. Best sources are whole-grains, broccoli and green beans.

is essential for more than 300 metabolic reactions in cells in concert with hundreds of enzyme systems. It helps build bones, promote muscle relaxation and is involved in energy production. Best sources are whole-grains, nuts and leafy green vegetables.

Zinc has important roles in growth and development, neurological function, the immune system and in reproduction. It is needed for the activity of over 100 enzymes in performing different functions. Best sources are meat, fish and poultry and whole-grains.

In agreement with most of the World’s top nutritionists, I’m a believer in taking a multi-mineral supplement (not to be confused with multi-vitamins which may also be required). A multi-mineral supplement contains decent levels of each of the above key minerals plus many other vital minerals that you need but at the same time does not overdose on any which is unnecessary too. We stock a particularly good brand to help people get it exactly right and this simple addition can improve your life enormously.

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